Session 2

A. larp and Gaming @Linna K109

“Emergence of non-binary identities in video games: a discourse analysis approach”

Robin Longobardi Zingarelli (& Agata Waszkiewicz)

“Gender identity in playable characters: experimentation with transgender bodies”

Robin Longobardi Zingarelli

“Courting Euphoria: Designing for Trans and Diverse Gender Exploration, Expression, and Embodiment through Live Action Role-playing”

Josephine Baird, Sarah Lynne Bowman & Kaya Toft Thejls

“Nonconformity by Design: Bodies in Larp (live action role-play)”

Hanne Grasmo & Tanja Sihvonen


B. TransNatures @Linna K110

Chair: Wibke Straube

“How to Become a Rock’: Non-Human Metaphors as Trans Paranarratives”

Sven Van de Bossche (online)

“Endocrine disruptors and the molecular world-making of unruly bodies in trans and queer art”

Wibke Straube

“Resonating togetherness: an exploration of transecological love”

Kuura Irni


C. Trans Childhood/Youth @Linna K113

Chair: Tobias Raun 

“The cis-normative economy of concern. Discourses on medical care for trans-children in Denmark”

Tobias Raun & Mons Bissenbakker

“ ´I felt it inside´. Lived experience of gender creative children 4-12 years related to gender identity in Sweden”

Kristiina Tyni, Anna Bratt & (Matilda) Matt Wurm

“Trans people and movement – premise, possibility and becoming”

Isak Auran

”Assigning emotional responsibility”

Irina Schmitt