YouTube channel

IEEE NorCAS is in YouTube.

You can find some past keynote recordings in YouTube. The last one requires a direct link, the others are publicly available at IEEE NorCAS YouTube channel.

Direct links to the videos:

Nele Mentens: Cybersecurity in Flexible Electronics

Marja Matinmikko-Blue: 6G Driving Sustainable Development

Darshika G. Perera: Reconfigurable Hardware Architectures for Edge Computing

Mohammed Ismail: Compact RF CMOS Radios for Emerging 5G/6G Wireless

Alberto Bosio: Approximate Computing: Test and Reliability issues and opportunities

Tim Constandinou: Future Human: Merging Minds and Machines

Alexander Wyglinsky: Software-Defined Radio Education and the Next Generation of Wireless Communications Innovators

An-Yeu (Andy) Wu: Compressive sensing (CS) Circuits and Systems for Intelligent Biomedical Signal Processing