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Parallel to the programme of presentations we have two exhibitions that are open for all. Poster exhibition is open on both days and Commercial exhibition is open on Friday. No registration required for visiting the exhibitions.

Event Place Open (for all)
Poster exhibition Close to the Visakorpi auditorium Thursday 30.11. 8:30 – Friday 1.12. 16:00
Commercial exhibition Arvo Yellow Hall Friday 1.12. at 10-15


Time THURSDAY 30.11.2023  –  in Jarmo Visakorpi Auditorium
Chair 8:30-10:00: Prof. Andre Ribeiro
8:30-8:45 Opening words: Dean Seppo Parkkila, and the Vice President for Stakeholder Relations and Partnerships Jarmo Takala
8:45-9:30 Keynote 1: Teresa Coque, Ramón y Cajal Institute for Health Research:
Antimicrobial Resistance in the Global Health Network: “Known Unknowns” and Challenges for Efficient Responses in the 21st Century
9:30-10:00 Poster pitching 1 (á 3 min)
10:00-11:00 Poster session 1 with coffee
Chair 11:00-13:30: Associate Prof. Oommen Oommen
11:00-11:30 Research presentations 1 (á 8+2 min)
11:30-12:00 Research highlights from MET (á 13+2 min)

  • Assistant Professor (tenure track) Xin Lai: Cooperative MicroRNA Therapeutics in Cancer
  • Senior Research Fellow Alfonso Urbanucci: Understanding the metastatic potential of single prostate cancer cells
12:00-13:00 Lunch
13:00-13:30 Poster pitching 2 (á 3 min)
PARALLEL SESSION A: Clinical session
Chairs: Associate Prof. Karolina Louvanto and Associate Prof. Aleksi Reito

  • Kati Kristiansson, Director of Research and Development for the Wellbeing Services County of Pirkanmaa as the keynote speaker
  • Research presentations and poster pitching
PARALLEL SESSION B: Industry afternoon – In the ARVO YELLOW HALL
Chair: Associate Prof. Antti Vehkaoja

  • Join the discussion on funding and collaboration possibilities with Orion, Modulight, eLive Ecosystems, Business Tampere and Tampere University Innovation Services
  • Company experiences and information shared on:
    • Business Finland Veturi programme
    • DSII Doctoral School for Industrial Innovation
    • EU MSCA Doctoral Networks
    • Horizon Europe thematic calls (pillar II)
    • Doctoral Pilot Finland
15:30-17:00 Poster session 2 with sparkling wine


Time FRIDAY 1.12.2023  –  in Jarmo Visakorpi Auditorium
Chair 9:00-11:00: Dr. Jack Morikka
9:00-9:05 Opening words: Head of the MET RD Scientific Committee Andre Ribeiro
9:05-9:50 Keynote 2: Pavel Tomancak, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics:
Evolution of Morphogenesis
9:50-10:20 Research highlights from MET (á 13+2 min)

  • Associate Professor (tenure track), Minni ÄnköRNA – the Swizz knife of biomedicine
  • Academy Research Fellow, Minna HankaniemiAn overview to vaccine development against pandemic viruses
10:20-11:00 Research presentations 2 (á 8+2 min)
11:00-12:00 Commercial exhibition and coffee
12:00-13:00 Lunch
Chair 13:00-15:10: Associate Prof. Minni Änkö
13:00-14:15 Research presentations 3 (á 8+2 min)
14:15-14:40 Break
14:40-15:10 Research presentations 4 (á 8+2 min)
15:10-16:30 Career Event for PhD students and Postdocs
Chair: HR Partner Emmi MustaniemiOrganization representatives introducing job opportunities in their organizations and thier own career paths:

  • Modulight, Petteri Uusimaa
  • Fimea, Hanna Kankkonen
  • Novartis, Elina Wiik
  • European Commission, DG GROW, Kirsti Ala-Mutka
16:30-16:40 Awards: PhD thesis, publication and education achievement
Chair: Prof. Pasi Kallio
16:40-16:45 Closing of the event: Vice Dean for Research Pasi Kallio