MET Awards

At the end of the event, the Faculty rewarded top achievements from the year 2023. The categories included Best Publication, Best PhD Thesis, and Education Achievement of the Year. In addition, best presentations were selected from the MET Research Day. Congratulations to all the winners!

In the photo:  Yvonne Muthiani, Teemu Ihalainen, Pia Oksanen, Latifeh Azizi, Soile Nymark, and Dario Greco.

Best Publication

Per Ashorn, Ulla Ashorn, Yvonne Muthiani, Samira Aboubaker, Sufia Askari, Rajiv Bahl, Robert E Black, Nita Dalmiya, Christopher P Duggan, G Justus Hofmeyr, Stephen H Kennedy, Nigel Klein, Joy E Lawn, Jeremy Shiffman, Jonathon Simon, Marleen Temmerman, and the UNICEF–WHO Low Birthweight Estimates Group

Small vulnerable newborns – big potential for impact

Lancet 2023; 401: 1692–706

Honourable Mention

Giusy del Giudice, Angela Serra, Laura A. Saarimäki, Konstantinos Kotsis, Ian Rouse, Anais Colibaba, Karolina Jagiello, Alicja Mikolajczyk, Michele Fratello, Anastasios G. Papadiamantis, Natasha Sanabria, M. E. Annala, Jack Morikka, P. A. S. Kinaret, E. Voyiatzis, Georgia Melagraki, Antreas Afantitis, K. Tämm, T. Puzyn, M. Gulumian, Vladimir Lobaskin, Iseult Lynch, Antonio Federico & Dario Greco

An ancestral molecular response to nanomaterial particulates

Nature Nanotechnology 18, pages 957–966 (2023)

Honourable Mention

Brooke E Danielsson, Bobin George Abraham, Elina Mäntylä, Jolene I Cabe, Carl R Mayer, Anna Rekonen, Frans Ek, Daniel E Conway, Teemu O Ihalainen

Nuclear lamina strain states revealed by intermolecular force biosensor

Nature Communications 2023; 14: 3867

Best PhD Thesis

FT Julia Fadjukov

Electrical Communication and its Physiological Relevance in Retinal Pigment Epithelium

DI Latifeh Azizi

Structure-function of Talin1 : An integrin adaptor protein involved in health and disease

MD Bireshwar Sinha

Effect of Kangaroo Mother Care in Low Birth Weight Infants on Breastfeeding Performance, Gut Function, and Maternal Depressive Symptoms in Low Middle Income Populations in the Indian Subcontinent

Education Achievement

Pia Oksanen

Clinical instructor of internal medicine


MET Research Day 2023 Awards

In the photo: Noora Nevalainen, Eero Numminen, Rolle Rahikainen, Antti Vehkaoja, Jack Morikka, Karolina Louvanto, Andre Ribeiro, Seppo Parkkila, Oommen Oommen, and Pasi Kallio.


Best Research Presentation

Rolle Rahikainen

Optical control of covalent protein assembly reveals hierarchy of adhesion protein recruitment

Best Poster

Noora Nevala

In vivo imaging approach to study photoreceptor and retinal pigment epithelium cells in zebrafish

Best Poster Pitch

Eero Numminen

Prolonged persistent genital HPV infections and the future risk of cervical carcinogenesis