Call for Abstracts

Call for Abstracts

The aim of the event is to bring together researchers and students from our Faculty from the fields of clinical medicine, biomedicine, and biomedical sciences and engineering to establish networks across the fields and to benefit from multidisciplinary research approaches. Therefore, we welcome you to share your ongoing research and knowledge with the others in our community.

The abstracts, posters and presentations should consider that the audience is our multidisciplinary community and therefore present the contents in a way that they can be easily understood by researchers of different backgrounds. Please avoid domain-specific terminology to make the abstract largely understandable by the multidisciplinary audience. To further encourage placing effort in targeting the presentation to a multidisciplinary audience, the Scientific Committee will primarily select the abstracts to be presented based on the multidisciplinary clarity of the abstract in addition to the scientific content.

Furthermore, the Scientific Committee will award the presentation that best achieves the goal of conveying its message clearly and understandably across fields of science to a multidisciplinary audience in December.

Based on the abstracts, the Scientific Committee will decide who will be chosen to give an oral presentation. The deadline for the abstract submission is 24.10.2021.

The abstracts will be compiled to an abstract book which will be published on the Research Day website. Please note that the abstracts will be openly available online (if you allow it while registering) and that the event is also public. If you do not want to publish your abstract, you can prevent the publication on the registration form when submitting the abstract.

Instructions for preparing the abstracts can be found on the website under the Abstract instructions tab.

Once the abstracts have been assessed by the Scientific Committee, the submitters will be contacted. Presentation instructions will be updated on the Research Day website.

Registration and abstract submission

Please find the registration form here: MET Research Day 2021 Registration.