When should I be in Tampere?

It would be convenient to be in Tampere the latest on Monday evening in order to settle in and participate in the get-together starting at 6pm.

How do you sauna?

First of all, you should pack your bathing suit with you as it is a part of the week’s agenda to show our guest lecturers what Finnish sauna is all about. The sauna evening has been highly enjoyed in the previous years and we hope to continue this. In this year’s IWBAS week it will be happening on Tuesday evening.

Going to a sauna in Finland is, in its simplicity, relaxing in a hot and steamy room and socializing with people around you while enjoying a cold beverage. Usually people take moments to cool down outside for a bit so the warmth of the sauna feels welcoming again. For the bravest, it is possible to cool down in an icy lake as some Finns do. However, the main rule for going to a sauna is that everyone should feel comfortable so only do what feels comfortable for you.

Is it possible to stay in Rovaniemi after the IWBAS week has ended?

Yes, it is possible to stay in Rovaniemi even after the IWBAS week is over. However, this will be at your own cost and you will need to book the accommodation as well as the return ticket yourself.