In Rovaniemi, the accommodation will be booked by the organizers and it will be the same for all participants. In Tampere on the other hand, the guests will choose their preferable accommodation by themselves. The accommodations are paid by the guests.

There are plenty of options for accommodation to choose from in various price categories.
We encourage you to have a look at the hotel presentation updated by Visit Tampere.

Here are a few tips when choosing the hotel:

The hotel that is closest to TAMK is the Norlandia Hotel. According to guest reviews, it is considered a very good option.

TAMK is also easily reachable by bus from the city center (find out more about the buses on transportation). A list of hotels located in the city center can be found here.

If you are looking for accommodation with a twist, you can find good options here.

For affordable accommodations in Tampere, you can find a listing on Visit Tampere here.

Hotel Ville is highly recommended as it is one of the most budget-friendly places and has a straight bus connection to TAMK.