Call for papers

Important deadlines
July 31st, 2024: Abstract (max 300 words)
September 1st, 2024: Notification of acceptance of abstract
January 19th, 2025: Full paper submission
April 15th, 2025: Final paper submission

Please submit your abstract by 31 July 2024 with this form (link opens in a new tab)

Main topics of the symposium

  • Site geology and location, distribution, local and global importance
  • Engineering geology, including source of material, depositional environment, postdepositional processes and stress history
  • Composition, mineralogy and fabric
  • State and index properties
  • Engineering properties (strength, stiffness, hydraulic conductivity, etc.)
  • Comments on quality/reliability of data, with reference to methods of sampling, laboratory testing and standard in situ testing methods.
  • Engineering problems including a summary of typical problems and hazards and with references to case histories
  • Examples of large-scale testing at a given benchmark site
  • Testing and verification of in situ tools for soil characterization at benchmark test sites
  • Use of soil parameter database for modelling and/or correlation purposes
  • Use of statistical and/or artificial intelligence methods for site characterization