2nd International Symposium on Geo Test Sites

5-6 June 2025, Tampere Hall

About the congress

Welcome to the 2nd International Symposium on GeoTest sites (2nd ISGTS). The symposium will be
held on 5th-6th June 2025 in the vibrant city of Tampere in Southern Finland, a true hidden gem in Europe. Located between two lakes, Tampere is Finland’s second largest urban area and one of the fastest growing city regions in the country, with a population of approximately 250,000 people. Tampere is located less than 200 km north of Helsinki, Finland’s capital city.

After the success of the 1st international ISGTS symposium in Oslo (Norway) in 2019 organized by NGI, the 2nd edition will finally take place next year in Tampere, Finland, organized by Tampere University.

Benchmarking is of significant importance in geotechnical engineering, both for testing and verifying innovative soil investigation methods and foundation solutions. The Symposium aims to present detailed characterization of a wide range of natural soils used for benchmarking in geotechnical engineering. The symposium also seeks to promote an increase use of the benchmark sites as a research tool, as training and teaching facilities and as ground for development of new soil models, testing of new investigation methods and further advance the state-of-the-art.

Publication Venue
Following the 1st ISGTS, all accepted papers will be published in a Special Issue of the emerging AIMS Geosciences journal. All papers will follow a thorough peer-review process to endure the quality of the publications and of the symposium. Open Access fee will be covered in the registration fee.


The symposium will be held at:

Tampere Hall (Tampere Talo)
Yliopistonkatu 55
33100 Tampere

Advisory and organizing committee

Dr. Marco D’Ignazio (Chair – Finland)
Prof. Tim Länsivaara (Co-chair – Finland)
Dr. Jean-Sébastien l’Heureux (Norway)
Mr. Tom Lunne (Norway)
Dr. Juho Mansikkamäki (Finland)
Dr. Ville Lehtonen (Finland)
Dr. Bruno Di Buò (Finland)
Mr. Mohammadsadegh Faradi (Finland)

We look forward to seeing you all in Tampere

On behalf of the organizing committee
Marco D’Ignazio (Chair)

Main page image: Jousia Lappi, City of Tampere


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