Session 3 IREC

Thursday 15th September, 13.30 - 15.00

Theme sessions and presentations

Collective organisations in a disorganised labour market, part 1/2 (Chairs: Gumbrell-McCormick, Hyman, Melin)

  1. Fleming: The Moral Economy of Swedish Labour Market Co-operation and Job Security
  2. Näätänen: The Consequences of Trade Union Decline in Post-Industrial Welfare States
  3. Quondamatteo: A complicated history. Trade union strategies in Italian shipbuilding industry
  4. Sorsa et al.: The (meta-)organizational transformation of corporate political activity and its consequences to employer organizations: the case of the Finnish forest industry
  5. Vanderleyden: The moderating role of organised labour inclusivity on cross-national variation in the relation between mental well-being and employment arrangements

Remote work and well-being during COVID-19, part 1/2 (Chairs: Mäkikangas, de Bloom)

  1. Sutela & Pärnänen: COVID-19 crisis – a step to the new world of work?
  2. Kemppinen et al.: Developmental profiles of loneliness at work during COVID-19
  3. Kyrönlahti et al.: Perceived work ability during forced working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic among Finnish higher educational staff
  4. Mäkikangas et al.: Work Engagement and Its Antecedents in Remote Work: A Person-Centered View

Gender, power & industrial relations, part 2/2 (Chair: Mustosmäki)

  1. Mäkinen: Informal Employment and Women’s Access to Labour Market Opportunities
  2. Sippola et al.: A Four-billion euro question – Finnish public sector salary negotiations in flux
  3. Kylä-Laaso: Gendering competitive corporatism: public sector wages and trade union strategies in Finland

Technologies Shaping Work in the 2020’s, part 1/2 (Chair: Turja)

  1. Baum: Influence of cognitive task on the relation between technology use and continuing training
  2. Bechter: Digital voice in the workplace: digital interactions and engagement at work
  3. Jose: Mediating Technological Change: Contrasting Trade union approaches in Norway and the UK in the Food Processing sector