Session 1 IREC

Wednesday 14th September, 14.45-17.00

Theme sessions and presentations

Work ability, aging and organizational changes (Chairs: Kulmala, Neupane)

  1. Hartikainen: The impact of burnout on perceived efficiency of executive functions in daily life
  2. Prakash KC et al.: Changes in life satisfaction during the transition to retirement: Findings from the FIREA cohort study
  3. Kulmala: Work-related stressors in relation to older age cognitive functioning
  4. Neupane et al.: Sustainable employability among older employees: a longitudinal study of age and time effect
  5. Partanen et al.: The relationship between self-reported work ability and service patterns during the National Work Ability Program

Work and working conditions in the platform economypart 1/2 (Chairs: Pulignano, Tijdens)

  1. Bertolini et al.: Platformising Informality, One Gig at a Time
  2. Dasgupta et al.: Examining Emerging Trends of Resistance and Voice in the Gig Economy
  3. DiCataldo et al.: Bad jobs or bad regulation: what platform worker performance depends on?
  4. Kosinova: Gendered social recruiting in the gig economy: the case of the network marketing industry

Environmental problems, subsequent greening and industrial relations (Chairs: Ranta-Tyrkkö, Toivanen)

  1. Lahikainen & Houtbeckers: More-than-human work and planetary boundaries as touchstones for the philosophy of work: Towards environmental freedom
  2. Moilanen: Workers’ perceptions on greening of work – A novel survey, data collection and a PhD project
  3. Purcell: Can labour save the planet? Exploring labour’s relationship with nature under fossil capitalism
  4. Ranta-Tyrkkö: Going greener? Possibilities and challenges in the field of social welfare in Finland
  5. Vaden: Energy transition and forest biomass: pressures towards a change in industrial metabolism
  6. Turunen & Moilanen: In-demand green skills – a survey study in the Finnish service industry

Engagement, money and work (Chair: Kauhanen)

  1. Kauhanen: Economic wellbeing and multiple job holding
  2. Lehtivuori et al.: The effects of intrinsic motivation, monetary rewards, and performance pressure on research goals and research productivity intention in Swedish and Finnish universities
  3. Olaniyan & Okunade: Influence of teamwork on organizational performance in banking industry in Osun state
  4. Pilch: IT specialists in business processes outsourcing industry in Poland. Initial findings on meanings of work and working conditions
  5. Marco Oberti: Italian industrial relations: between regional dynamics and national growth models and strategies  
  6. Gevaert: Work engagement among different types of solo self-employed: the mediating role of intrinsic job resources

Trade unions and migrant workers (Chair: Lillie)

Notice: 14.45 – 15.45

  1. Borello & Friis Hau: Exploring precarious migrant worker strategies and agency beyond institutions
  2. Gumbrell-McCormick: Trade Unions and Migrant Workers: The Case of the ETUC
  3. Jiang: The role of community organisations in the collective mobilisation of migrant workers: The importance of a ‘community’-oriented perspective

Participation and inclusion in working life and the labour market, part 1/2 (Chairs: Kärrylä, Kettunen)

Notice: 16.00 – 17.00

  1. Andrałojć: Work meaningfulness in the context of Universal Basic Income (UBI) discourse
  2. Haapakorpi: Large-scale management in universities: purpose of participation?
  3. Kärkkäinen et al.: Working life participation, service use, and social security pathways among unemployed participants of the Finnish Work Ability Programme: a retrospective register-linkage study