Globelics Academy 2019 - The 14th International PhD School on Innovation and Development

13 – 22 August 2019
Tampere University, Finland

Aim of the Globelics Academy

Greetings from the Globelics Academy 2019 can be read at:

The aim of the Globelics Academy PhD School is to support the training of PhD students from all over the world writing theses on issues related to innovation systems and development. The Academy brings together frontier researchers in innovation with PhD students from the South and the North in order to inspire and qualify their work as well as to help them to join high quality research networks in their field of research. The Globelics Academy aims at improving students’ ability to undertake theoretically informed and policy-relevant empirical work on issues related with innovation in firms and societies, and its relationship with economic development.

The Globelics Academy originates from and is connected to the worldwide research network Globelics (www.globelics.org) bringing together scholars working on issues related to innovation and development.