Tutorials – Monday, December 2, 2019
Tampere University – City Centre Campus – Main Building (Ground floor – D Wing)

09:00-12:15 – T1 Half day tutorial – What can DDI do for you? An introduction to the DDI
Hilde Orten (NSD – Norwegian Centre for Research Data) – Room D13

09:00-12:15 – T2 Half day tutorial – Let’s take a look at the DDI-documented paradata collected by the information system of a longitudinal panel
Geneviève Michaud & Baptiste Rouxel (both Center for Socio-Political Data, Sciences Po Paris, France) – Room A32

13:15-16:30 – T3 Half day tutorial – Beyond documenting a codebook …using DDI to support the management and processing of metadata
Wendy Thomas (Minnesota Population Center, University of Minnesota, USA) – Room D13

13:15-16:30 – T4 Half day tutorial – Generating DDI 4 in the Language of your Choice (abstract)
Achim Wackerow (GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Germany) – Room A08

The tutorials can be booked during the registration process.