Latest updates and housekeeping notes regarding EDDI19.

Local information

Wednesday is the poster session day. All events are at Pinni B. We have asked the presenters to put their posters up already in the morning and keep them up until the end of the day. Posters will be in the Aulabuffet where we also have the coffee breaks, so you have time to see them during the lunch or breaks.

On Tuesday the sessions will be in the Pinni B Building. Registration opening at 8:15 in the lobby, right after entering the door in the photo below.

Lunch vouchers can be used in all University restaurants and cafeterias. There are no reserved tables for the conference attendees, but you get to experience an authentic Finnish student restaurant atmosphere! Please hand in your voucher to the cashier after you have collected your food from the buffet. Please note that coffee and dessert are not included.

Minerva is in the same building as the conference (Pinni B).
Minerva menu in English.
YO Ravintola is in the second floor in the Main Building.
Ravintola Linna is in the Linna Building, next to the University Library.
Cafe Pinni is located in the Pinni A building.

Conference assistants at the FSD’s stand are happy to help with directions.

Weather forecast for Tampere: Finnish Meteorological Institute.

A cold spell is being predicted for Monday and Tuesday with temperatures feeling like -8 C/17 F.

On Monday the registration desk will be in the University Main Building. See the map for the recommended entrance. If entering through the main doors, take the stairs down. If you only participate an afternoon tutorial, your name tags will be taken in the tutorial rooms, A08 or D13. The rooms are practically opposite to each other.

On Monday the coffee break will be in the lobby next to the registration.

Changes to the programme

Birds-of-a-Feather topics have been announced:

  • (A) – Colectica Users / Software
  • (B) – Converting DDI from one version to another (say DDI C or L<3.2 to DDI 3.2 or above)
  • (C) – Tracking metadata throughout the lifecycle
  • (D) – DDI Scientific Group

Concurrent A1 Jääskeläinen & Bolton: update abstract
Concurrent B1 Bell: cancelled.
Concurrent D2: updated authors
Concurrent E2 Förster, Borschewski, Bolton, Jääskeläinen & Beeken: updated abstract