Keynote speakers: Rebecca Martusewicz (USA), Derek Rasmussen (CAN), Bernadette Baker (AUS)
Keynote artist: Raisa Foster (FIN)
Thursday and Friday: Linna building, City Centre Campus, Tampere University

We are sorry to announce that the ECOFE2020 is cancelled for this spring due to COVID-19 situation. We place high value on the discussion in the conference and therefore we decided that rather than having the conference online, we want to use our effort on changing the date. We are currently discussing the possibility of organizing the ECOFE2020 in the autumn 2020 or spring 2021 (earliest November 2020). We will inform in our channels as soon as we have new information about the issue.

It is a heavy decision for us, but we completely agree that slowing the spread of the virus and protecting those who are most vulnerable is what we must do together. Let’s take care of each other and keep up our endeavor towards a more ecologically and socially sustainable world even when we are distanced physically.




Join us for the first two-day Ecofeminism and Education Conference at Tampere University, Finland. The ECOFE2020 conference and a meditation retreat organised after the conference are an unparalleled collaborative endeavour of brilliant speakers, art, science, hope, activism and collective conversations curated by Finnish students of education. ECOFE2020 challenges the traditional pattern of a scientific conference by increasing the time for discussion between conference presentations and artistic performances.

By doing that, we intend to transform power relations and create a community space that gives opportunities for building shared understanding. Participation does not require any foreknowledge or advanced skills. Anybody can participate on the level she, he or they want by listening, asking questions or taking active part in the discussions.

We understand ecofeminism as a movement for ecological justice that sees the ecological crisis not only as an issue of conserving the natural environment but also as a human rights issue. The Western consumer culture and our way of thinking about the well-being of societies have a direct or indirect negative impact on the natural environment and living conditions all over the world. Ecofeminism defends all living creatures that are held in an oppressed position. Our concern extends to plants and inanimate things, such as air and water. Ecofeminism also holds kindness and hope in high esteem as part of the solution to the ecological crisis we are living in.

Well-being, human rights and the appreciation of nature are all sewn together. Furthermore, they are woven in the world with our lived bodily presence. An account of the interweavement is necessary in order to address these issues together through scientific research and arts. With ecofeminist education, we are able to find the kindness we need when faced with this contested subject while also using the boldness of feminism to demand justice in a radical way.

We encourage all researchers, artists and students interested in ecofeminism and education to take part in the conference as a participant or a performer.

Call for papers is now closed. Registration to the conference starts later in the spring. We call for presentations in three categories:

• scientific presentations
• workshops
• artistic pieces and performances

Organisers and supporters