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The ECOFE2020 conference is inviting researchers and artists from different fields to come together to discuss ecofeminism and questions of education in an era of ecological crisis. The aim is to bring hope and courage to actors who work as a transformative force to shift our culture towards wisdom and goodness. We hope that the presentations will bring compassion, understanding, action and/or coping to the current situation characterised by ecological crisis. In the conference, we place high value on the time given to discussions. In order to share our knowledge, we hope that the presenters will participate in the group discussions in addition to their own presentation and session.

We ask presenters to illustrate their work with one of the following inspiration words in order to help the presentation to achieve compassion, understanding, action and/or coping from different perspectives. You can interpret the chosen word from your own point of view and knowledge. We hope that the presentations and pieces will glow with hope, sensitivity and radical change.

• light
• help
• shivering
• weaving
• adventure



Categories of presentations:
• scientific presentations
• workshops
• artistic contributions

The abstracts should be max. 300 words and include the title, chosen inspiration word and short description of the presentation as well as the name and the presenters’ contact details. Please attach your abstract in .doc/.docx, .txt or .rtf format.

Please submit your abstract here by 24 January 2020. We will announce notifications of acceptance by 17 February 2020.

The idea of scientific presentations is to give tools and inspiration for the group discussions in the conference. The amount of time for scientific presentations is 5–10 minutes. After the presentation, the topic will be discussed with the audience. The presenters have the possibility to specify their point of view further during the discussion. 15-20 minutes are reserved for discussion in the presentation sessions. A more detailed schedule will be announced to presenters in February 2020.

The idea of the workshops is to deepen our understanding and give concrete tools to work with ecofeminism and education issues. Each workshop session is limited to 60–90 minutes. The workshops are mainly held in modern classrooms with computers, projectors and movable workstations. In general, we ask all the workshop chairs to provide the materials they need. However we can discuss the materials and covering the expenses on a one by one basis. The abstracts should include a general description of objectives and a short review of the steps to achieve them.

The idea of artistic contributions is to widen our understanding, inspire and/or sew the conference issues to our lived bodily presence. We are looking for all kinds of artistic contributions that discuss with the conference theme and inspiration words, including experimental pieces. We will organise the conference programme based on artistic works to ensure that the pieces and performances have an appropriate place in the programme. In the abstract, we ask artists to include a description of their performance and its length, the desired or needed space for works of art and the position of the audience in relation to those works. Furthermore, the abstract should include the possible fee the artists are expecting to receive.

Here are some of the possibilities we are offering presenters in the conference.

• The work is exhibited, for example, in a foyer where the audience can study it individually during the conference.
• The work is presented to the audience as a scientific presentation to be followed by a discussion session.
• The work is a brief performance or piece that evokes thoughts or emotions that can be performed before or after another presentation or a break in the programme.
• The work is community art that engages the audience freely during the conference or at a given moment.
• The work is something completely different or a mix of more than one of the above.