Remote speaker guidelines

These are the guidelines to participate as a remote oral presenter at CinC 2022. If something is unclear, please contact

The remote speakers connect and give their presentations live. There is no option to upload a recorded version of the presentation beforehand. 

Some general guidelines:

  • Please be aware that the total duration for your speech is 15 min = 10 min presentation + 5 min Q&A. You will be introduced by the session’s Chairperson, who will also open the Q&A session after your presentation.
  • Questions will be asked exclusively at the end of each speech, to avoid interruptions and guarantee online attendees a better experience.
  • Speakers are expected to adhere strictly to the event schedule, which will be enforced to finish sessions on time and to permit participants to move successfully from one parallel session to another.
  • We highly recommend you to prepare your presentation in 16:9 aspect ratio with high quality pictures and as little text as possible. Remote attendees might be viewing your presentation on small devices, where reading a lot of text and equations is very difficult.

Remote check-in and technical recommendations:

  • Remote speakers must connect with the link provided by the technical staff of the conference venue at least 15 minutes prior to the session.
  • Present your slides from your own computer.
  • Use a PC/laptop for your speech, as tablets, smartphones and other devices might have compromised quality of screen sharing.
  • Check your internet connection.
  • Use headphones and a dedicated microphone.
  • Check the operation of your webcam as you will be visible to the audience during your presentation and Q&A.
  • Close other programs (especially communication apps such as Skype and Teams) during your presentation and Q&A.