YHYS colloquium 2022


YHYS 2022 research colloquium Messy sustainability: uncertainties in policy implementation

YHYS 2022 research colloquium in Tampere University invites environmental social scientists and other scholars and practitioners to discuss the “wicked road to sustainability”. As the title of the conference highlights, sustainability has, on the one hand, matured to an established ethos for present-day societies but, on the other hand, inevitably invoked political and social disputes. They are due to the normative goal of sustainability requiring a deep change in society for environmental reasons and human well-being. These choices are inherently political. Thus, uncertainties are necessarily present in different sustainability pathways and in the practices of policy implementation. We invite scholars to discuss the nature of these uncertainties and how solutions are made or unmade along the policy processes.

The program of the YHYS colloquium includes four international keynote speakers:

Sina Leipold, Professor of Environmental Politics, UFZ Leipzig & University of Jena (GER)

Dr. Jens Lachmund, Senior Lecturer, Maastricht University (NED)

Dr. Stephanie Lavau, Senior Lecturer, University of Melbourne (AUS)

David Laws, Associate Professor, University of Amsterdam (NED)

Further, 10 workshop sessions bring together researchers from different disciplines to discuss and present papers involving the diverse aspects of uncertainties that take place when implementing environmental policy goals.