Fertility Futures Interview Series

Fertility Futures is an interview series exploring what a feminist intersectional analysis of fertility looks like, and what it can tell us. The series is made in collaboration with the Reproductive Sociology team of the University of Cambridge and hosted by members of the Changing (In)Fertilities Project.


Episode 01: ‘Fertinomics’

In this opening episode of our series, Sarah Franklin interviews Sigrid Vertommen about transactional fertility, global fertility chains, and the reproductive industrial complex based on Siggie’s extensive research on this topic around the globe.


Episode 02: (In)Fertile Environments

In our second episode, Katie Dow interviews Janelle Lamoreaux about the anthropology of fertility in the age of toxic environments, epigenetic mapping and the population ‘problem’.


Episode 03: Queer & Trans (In)Fertilities

In our third episode, Marcin Smietana interviews Damien Riggs about his extensive reproductive research including foster care, transgender fertility, human kinship and critical animal studies, gay surrogacy, race, masculinity – and about the individual stories as well as shared logics that underpinned all of Damien’s projects.


Episode 04: Fertility, Reproduction & Imperialism

In our fourth episode, Julieta Chaparro is in conversation with Laura Briggs, whose extensive work has explored the connections between reproduction and US imperialism, transnational feminisms, and reproductive politics.


Episode 05: Frozen Fertility Futures?

In our fifth episode, Zeynep Gurtin interviews Marcia Inhorn about her forthcoming book on egg freezing in the United States.


Episode 06: The Fertility Industry

In our sixth episode, Lucy van de Wiel interviews Joyce Harper about her experience working within the fertility industry and about her recent book ‘Your Fertile Years’ which advocates for better fertility care through higher levels of fertility awareness across society.


Episode 07: Craft Fertilities

In our final episode, Mianna Meskus interviews Riikka Homanen and Elina Helosvuori about craftwork in IVF laboratories and their recent publication ‘When craft kicks back: Embryo culture as knowledge production in the context of the transnational fertility industry’.