NETLAS is an interdisciplinary European Training Network (ETN) that provides research training for designing and building the next generation of tunable optical sources for optical coherence tomography (OCT) for medical imaging and non-destructive testing (NDT). The program’s goal is to develop novel photonics technologies and currently trains 15 early-stage researchers at 8 academic institutions and 6 non-academic institutions and additionally creating strong interdisciplinary relationships through inter-sectoral secondments. The consortium involves experts in technology, instrumentation, commercialization, and application of tunable lasers to OCT. The project also includes large companies, SMEs, start-ups, clinicians, and engineers to ensure that the project meets the needs of users. The consortium brings together research groups and companies that specialize in semiconductors, fibre technology, supercontinuum generation, tunable lasers, medical imaging, and NDT. The program aims to swiftly translate the results into state-of-the-art products, drawing on world-leading expertise in semiconductors, supercontinuum and swept source architectures.