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About the Conference

Feminist research, gender studies, queer studies, critical studies on men and masculinities, and trans studies share the same roots and political goals. These fields also share common concepts and theoretical frameworks. They have a close relationship to activism and aim for societal change. Many researchers work simultaneously in many of these academic fields and feel that they belong to more than one of them.

Now, for the first time ever, the Finnish academic associations and networks representing these disciplines jointly organize a national conference. Paluu Juurille 2024 (Return to the Roots 2024) conference will be held in City Centre Campus of Tampere University on 2-3 May 2024.

Conference fee

Registration for the conference has ended.

Participation fees (VAT 0%):

  • Full participation fee 95 euros
  • Doctoral researchers, grant researchers, emeritus/emeritas, unemployed 50 euros
  • Undergraduate students 0 euros

The participation fee includes the conference program and coffees. Lunches are self-catering. The evening party on 2 May 2024 at Restaurant Frenckell & Piha costs 45 euros. More information about the evening party and dinner will be updated on the conference website before the registration opens.

Dinner and evening party

The dinner of the conference will be held at the Frenckell & Piha restaurant on May 2nd from 18.00. Please arrive well in advance. The restaurant can only serve the first 100 people to claim their seat.

The dinner menu is vegan. A self-service bar will be open throughout the evening in the venue. Dance music will be provided by DJ Emotional Labor.

Address: Frenckellinaukio 2 H, 33210 Tampere. The entrance is accessible via the restaurant’s courtyard.

Accessibility information: The accessible entrance is located in the courtyard of the restaurant. The entrance is found by passing the main entrance walking a bit towards Tammerkoski and entering through the metal gate on the left. The Invalid WC is located in the adjacent building, accessed via the restaurant courtyard.

Parking: We recommend the P-Frenckell parking area (Frenckellinaukio 3), located at the north end of Keskustori.


Kale chips and marinated vegetable balls

Broad bean Caesar Salad

Green sprout and cherry tomato salad

Fruity bulgur salad

Butternut squash panna cotta

Roasted pumpkin seeds

Stuffed aubergine rolls

Salsa Verde

Roasted cauliflower and hummus

Grilled sweet potatoes

Lentil and beetroot steak bake

Cottage bread and herb oil


The participation fee(s) and eventual dinner fee(s) are paid when registering for the event. The payment is made with a credit card (no additional charges). A payment receipt will be sent to you by e-mail. Finnish participants can also choose invoicing (bank transfer) or online banking as their payment method. The system sends the invoice automatically after the registration has been completed. Please make sure that the invoicing details are accurate.

Cancellation policy

According to sustainability principles and to avoid food waste, please cancel your registration, if you cannot attend the conference or the dinner. For cancellations received by 11 April 2023, the paid participation fees will be fully refunded. No refund will be issued for cancellations made after this date. No refunds will be made for no-shows. The dinner fee will not be refunded separately when a participant cancels their participation to the dinner. Participation that has already been registered can be transferred to another person from the same organisation without any extra charge. Cancellations and requests for refunds and registration transfers must always be made by email to


Safer Spaces Policy

The conference strives to create safer spaces. Safer spaces means promoting a climate of mutual respect among participants, which will contribute to the overall meaningfulness of the presentations, panels and other discussions. Safer space guidelines define the expectations placed on conference participants. These help to ensure that the event is as engaging and supportive of new paths of academic thinking as possible. The Return to the Roots 2024 conference adheres to the following guidelines:

1. Recognize and respect the value and uniqueness of each participant. This pertains to their gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, religion, disability, age, size, and academic status or other markers.

2. Listen to other participants’ perspectives actively and open-mindedly. Allow others a calm space in which to express themselves.

3. Do not interrupt or dominate the discussion. Give everyone the opportunity to be heard and avoid talking over others.

4. Avoid disruptive behavior patterns. This includes all and any threatening or belittling conduct, as well as i.e. appropriating other people’s words or ideas.

5. No personal attacks. Focus on substantive and constructive feedback. If you offend someone, apologize and change your behavior if necessary.

6. Respect others’ personal space and boundaries. Do not assume that everyone is willing to, for instance, share personal experiences or information.

7. Conversations held outside official presentations are assumed to be confidential unless otherwise agreed.

8. If you encounter or witness any activity that violates these guidelines for safer spaces, do report it to the conference organizers. The organizers have a duty to act if the safer space guidelines are breached.


Important Dates

Call for Workshops is open until 30 November 2023

The Call for Papers open until 23 February 2024

Abstract Decisions to be sent out on 8 March 2024

Registration is open until 11 April 2024

Event 2-3 May 2024


To find out more information in English

Tampere University’s City Centre Campus



Tampere University

The Society for Queer Studies in Finland (SQS)

The Association for Gender Studies in Finland (SUNS)

Finnish Association for Men’s Studies (SuMS)

Trans Studies Network


Organising Committee

Tuula Juvonen, Senior Lecturer, Tampere University (Chair)

Varpu Alasuutari, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Tampere University & SQS

Lotti Harju, Doctoral Researcher, University of Helsinki & Trans Studies Network

Venla Korhonen, Doctoral Researcher, University of Jyväskylä & SUNS, SQS

Hanna Ojala, Senior Lecturer, Tampere University & SuMS

Leena-Maija Rossi, Professor, University of Lapland & SUNS

Arttu Salo, University Teacher, Tampere University & SuMS

Joonas Säntti, Doctoral Researcher, University of Jyväskylä & SQS

Luca Tainio, Doctoral Researcher, University of Helsinki & Trans Studies Network

Hilda Kusnetsov, Research Assistant, Tampere University