Paperless vs. Less Paper

Paperless is Utopia, but less paper is not. We admit that some use of paper is unavoidable during our event, e.g. name tags, napkins… But, we strive to use less paper resources and sort the used ones properly according to Tampere Regional Solid Waste Management’s paper and cardboard guides.

Tampere & TAMK

The bus network to TAMK is extremely diverse. There are bus no. 1, 8, 28 and 29 running between Tampere centre (Keskustori) and TAMK. Using public vehicles is a good strategy to reduce the individual carbon footprint, that is why bus is our preferred and recommended method.

Food & drinks

TAMK student-operated Catering Studio will prepare your meals with locally supplied ingredients, and with vegetarian or fish dishes. We also say no to single-use plastics. Instead, ceramic plates and ceramic coffee mugs, along with metal cutlery. Coffee at TAMK cafes is made from Paulig Mundo coffee beans which originate from organic and sustainable farms.

All hands on deck

Sustainability requires community efforts, from authority figures of Tampere, to citizens, students, and short-term visitors in this lovely city. That is why we invite all stakeholders, third-party service providers, and you participants to join hands in our effort for creating a low eco-impact and meaningful Nordic Drone Event 2020.