Online Sessions

Instructions for online panel participants

The chair of the panel is also co-hosting the Zoom session. Each presenter will have 15 min for their presentation and share their own screen to show PowerPoints or other material. Presenters must ensure that their presentations work without issues: particularly if there’s audio or video this should be tested well ahead of time. The chair starts the meeting, and afterward presenters join it through the regular link (links provided below). The chair can decide whether there will be a joint Q&A at the end or whether there is 5-10 minutes for discussion after each presentation. Each online panel will be joined by a student assistant.


Online session 1, 20:15–21:45 June 15, Thursday


Link to Zoom event:

Meeting ID: 649 1740 8046

Passcode: 827818


Chair: Laura Karttunen

Deniz Pamuk, Muş Alparslan University: Gendered Autobiographies of Older Women: Common and Different Points

Neil Badenhorst, University of Johannesburg: Between Worlds: Visual Narrative as Facilitator for Rites of Passage

Jess Shane, Hunter College: Shocking, Heartbreaking, Transformative: A Narrative Experiment in Documentary Ethics


Online sessions 2.1–2.3, 8:15–9:30 June 16, Friday


2.1: Narrating lives with HIV and Covid – everyday narratives as COVID-19 theory


Link to Zoom event:

Meeting ID: 671 0416 3074

Passcode: 364580


Chair: Corinne Squire

Sanny Mulubale, University of Zambia: Tracing multidimensional inequalities in narratives

Ivan Katsere, The University of Cape Town: Narrating intersectionalities of migrant status, gender, poverty, HIV and health status

Adriana Prates, Federal University of Bahia: History stories: narrating the second pandemic through the first

Mark Davis, Monash University: The story of COVID-19, by the numbers

Corinne Squire, University of Bristol: HIV futurologies


2.2 General online session


Link to Zoom event:

Meeting ID: 643 9103 0516

Passcode: 141021


Chair: Jouni Teittinen

Aphrodite-Lidia Nounanaki, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens: Creepypasta on YouTube: A new digital narrative genre

Louise Spiers, University of Northampton: Issues in narrative research – talking about illness: what you say and how you say it

Clare Matysova, University of Leeds: Reflecting on the instrumentalization of stories to challenge gendered assumptions about who cares in early parenthood


2.3 Towards a “Better Future”? Anti-Instrumentalist Narratives in Contemporary Fiction


Link to Zoom event:

Meeting ID: 686 7263 8846

Passcode: 500899


Chair: Natalya Bekhta

Peter Maurits, University Erlangen-Nuremberg: ‘Sheltered from the omnipresence of history’? African science fiction and the problems of literary utilitarianism

Natalya Bekhta, Tampere Institute for Advanced Study: Utopia in the structure of narrative text: Ukrainian novel after 2014 and the problem of narrative temporality

Alexander Scherr, JLU Giessen: Assaying the Future: The ’Anticipatory Consciousness’ of the Essayistic Novel