How to write the integrative/summary chapter for PhD-by-publications?

Wednesday 28.8.2019

at 10.00 – 11.30

Hall: D10A (Main building)


Session name: How to write the integrative/summary chapter for PhD-by-publications?

Session Chair: Kirsi Lumme-Sandt (Tampere University)


Session content and objective:

PhD thesis consisting of articles or publications has become popular throughout Finnish universities. Traditions varies in different disciplines and there does not exist clear guidelines. The basic format is a short summary and reflection of the articles and results, but the ways to put this into practice vary even within one discipline.

Since there is no fool-proof single format that can be identified for the writing of the summary, this session shed light on different ways to understand what the summary is and what to include in it. The role, format and contents of the summary across disciplines are discussed by recent PhDs as well as experienced supervisors from different disciplines.

In order to help and answer to participants’ questions, you can write in Finnish or in English questions and anxieties, you have concerning writing a summary of your PhD via e-form   by August 19, 2019.

Background reading material for the session: Nikander & Piettoeva 2017:



Fresh PhDs ”This is how I did it”

Tips from professors

  • Jari Hietanen, psychology, TAU
  • Miia Martinsuo, industrial management, TAU
  • Marja Jylhä, gerontology, TAU

Panel discussion and questions from the audience.