Recordings, Slides and Materials

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Uliana Furiv.  Ukrainian Higher Education in the Time of Armed Conflict – Perspectives of Crisis Management. Slides  



Olli-Pekka Heinonen. Leadership in Education in Times of Change.



Leslie Rush. Change, Collaboration, and Clarity: An Educational and Administrative Journey in the Rocky Mountain West. Slides

Scott Benzenberg. Facing change: Leadership and Community Development in Education. Slides

Tuula Andersson & Mari Rytisalo. Online Learning Package Builds a Bridge for Learners, Educators, Time & Place. Slides

Silja Kostia. How to get Systemic Thinking to be a Learning Outcome of a Master’s Program? Slides

Marko Teras. From Global EdTech Utopias to Local Alternative Digital Futures of Education. Slides


Roundtable Sessions

Tom Penny. Nurturing Resilient Leadership: Self-Care for Leaders in Challenging Times. Slides


Workshop, Seminar and Asynchronous Sessions

Mark Curcher. Never Mind the Competencies, Here’s the Punk Pedagogy. Slides

Kathy Charles. Knowing when to fold ’em: Demonstrating Educational Leadership by Knowing What to Stop. Video