Programme & Activities


Session descriptions and profiles are available on the Speakers Page.

Thursday 18 August


The recording for this session will be shared shortly.

Friday 19 August

Morning. Meetings and Roundtable Sessions. (B5-31, B6-34a, B6-34b and MS teams)

The link to Tom’s session is here.

Afternoon. MELposium Presentations.  G-Auditorium (G00-10)

Saturday 20 August

Workshops and Seminar (B6-34b)

See speakers page for more information.

Asynchronous Sessions

There is an asynchronous session loaded as a video for participants to watch in their own time and convenience.  We strongly encourage you to do this and to  provide feedback and acknowledgement to the presenters.

The description and profile is on the speaker page.

Kathy Charles. Knowing when to fold ’em: Demonstrating Educational Leadership by Knowing What to Stop

Video link here

School and Educational Visits
If alumni and students from MEL cohorts prior to 2021 wish to participate please contact Päivi Mayor.
Social Program
There will be a MEL Sauna evening on Thursday 18 August.  Other informal events are also being organised.
Remote Participation , Travel and Accommodation
This is planned primarily as a face to face event. We reserve the right to move online only if there is no other alternative because of global events. If that happens TAMK accepts no responsibility for lost travel and accommodation costs.  Some presentations may be live streamed and recorded for those unable to attend, but this is not a hybrid event and the primary means of participation is to attend in person.  Participants are responsible for making their own travel and accommodation arrangements.