The Finnish Mathematical Days 2022 will be completely a remote event.

Please register a single participant or a group by 28 December 2021 to attend the Finnish Mathematical Days 2022. Link to registration form.

Registration fee is 20 EUR (VAT 0 %). The price is the same even if you only participate on one day. The price includes the conference program.


The participation fee(s)  is paid when registering for the event. The payment is made with a credit card (no additional charges). A payment receipt will be sent to you by e-mail. Finnish participants can also choose invoicing  (invoicing fee of 20 EUR will be added) or online banking as their payment method. Groups that have chosen invoicing as their payment method will receive a collective invoice (only one invoicing fee charged). The system sends the invoice automatically after the registration has been completed. Please make sure that the invoicing details are accurate. If the participant has provided inadequate or faulty invoicing details when registering for the event, a supplementary fee of 20 EUR (VAT 0 %) will be charged in addition to the previous invoicing fee for issuing a new invoice.


Cancellations are asked by 28 December 2022. Registration fees and the possible invoicing fee will not be refunded. Participation that has already been registered can be transferred to another person from the same organisation without any extra charge. Cancellations and registration transfers must always be made by email to