Parallel sessions B

Tuesday January 4th 2022, at 16:30-17:30

The Zoom links to the sessions will be sent to registered participants on Monday, January 3rd 2022. There is one Zoom link for each original auditorium. The Zoom links are open 10:00-17:30 on both conference days, and during coffee and lunch breaks the participants can discuss in Zoom.

8 Number theory with a modern twist
Auditorium A2a
Anne-Maria Ernvall-Hytönen
Niklas Miller: Lattices from algebraic number fields
Njah Rahinatou: RLWE/PLWE for cyclotomic number fields
Jorma Merikoski: Pienimmän positiivisen primitiivijuuren yläraja
9 Stochastics
Auditorium A2b
Jonas Tölle
Lauri Viitasaari: On existence and uniqueness of the solution for stochastic partial differential equations
Gerardo Barrera: Quantitative control of Wasserstein distance between Brownian motion and the Kac telegraph process
Tommi Sottinen: A New characterization of Brownian motion as isotropic i.i.d.-component Lévy process
10 Functional Analysis 2
Auditorium A3
Hans-Olav Tylli
David Norrbo: Spectral properties of multipliers on Bergman-Sobolev spaces and Bloch-type spaces
Fanglei Wu: Integral operators mapping into H^\infty
Henrik Wirzenius: Closed ideals in the algebra of compact-by-approximable operators
11 Applied Mathematics in Africa
Auditorium A4
Lassi Roininen
Denis Ndanguza: Modeling of Deep Methane Gas Extraction from Lake Kivu
Yusuf Yusuf: Modelling Extreme Events: The Frequentist and Bayesian Perspectives
Abdu Mohammed Seid: The Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Water Hyacinth over Lake Tana of
Ethiopia using Hidden Potts prior and Dynamic Linear Models
12 Oppijalähtöinen matematiikan opetus
Auditorium A05
Johanna Rämö
Juho Tiainen: Työelämäsisällöt matematiikan opetuksessa
Marika Toivola ja Mari Kaunisto:  Käänteinen arviointi insinöörimatematiikassa
Jokke Häsä: Integrating generic skills in student-centred mathematics teaching
13 Uncertainty quantification
Auditorium A06
Vesa Kaarnioja
Harri Hakula: On Solution of Elliptic Partial Differential Problems on Random Domains
Philipp Guth: Surrogates in PDE-Constrained One-Shot Optimization under Uncertainty
Vesa Kaarnioja: High-dimensional kernel interpolation over lattice point sets with application to uncertainty quantification
14 Mathematical logic 2
Auditorium A07
Antti Kuusisto
Kerkko Luosto: Dimensions of families of sets with applications to team semantics
Daniele Mundici: Handling boolean events consistently
Reijo Jaakkola: Ordered fragments of first-order logic
27 Ekonometria
Auditorium A1
Henri Nyberg
Leena Kalliovirta: Demand and Supply Elasticities in the Finnish Roundwood Markets in 1995-2017
Juho Koistinen: Estimation of impulse-response functions with dynamic factor models: a new parameterization
Visa Kuntze: Similarity-augmented structural vector autoregression: The effects of forward guidance shocks in different monetary policy conditions