Jacob Dibble

Director of Operations - Nordic at TIER Mobility

Dr. Jacob Dibble is the Director of Operations for the Nordics Region at TIER Mobility. A mathematician by training, Jacob later transitioned into the field of Urban Design and Planning. Through his research and professional practice, Jacob grew to specialize in quantitative methodologies of assessing urban form and urban mobility patterns. He is a practitioner of Space Syntax and has founded the field of Urban Morphometrics.

After applying his analytical approach to understanding how urban spaces are formed and consequently how people move through them, in a variety of academic, public, and private projects, he later transitioned into micro-mobility at TIER Mobility where he leads a team of up to 350 managers, mechanics, and operations associates across four countries. Jacob’s academic background and research, data-based approach affords him a unique perspective on the micro-mobility industry and MaaS in an emerging, fast-paced, and competitive environment.

Roelof Hellemans

Secretary General at MaaS Alliance

Roelof Hellemans has over 25 years of experience within the Mobility Industry before he become the Secretary General of the MaaS Alliance. Roelof gained his experience at many companies f.e.  The municipality of Amsterdam & Leiden, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and his work as a mobility influencer.

The knowledge, network and telling a clear vision about the future of Mobility, provide the MaaS Alliance with the steps to Implement and upscale MaaS. With all the members aligned we are continually working on achieving the right steps to provide the right tools to orchestra MaaS on accessibility and livability of Countries, Area’s and Cities.  By doing so, we can focus on the output of Maas: more sustainable solutions to Save our planet and provide the next generation, our kids, with a base to be proud of.

Maria Kamargianni

Professor of Transport Systems Innovation and Sustainability at UCL

Maria Kamargianni is a Professor of Transport Systems Innovation and Sustainability and the Head of the MaaSLab (Mobility as a Service Lab) at the Energy Institute of University College London (UCL). Her areas of research include travel behaviour, new mobility services design, Mobility-as-a-Service, multimodality, Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP), transportation demand modelling, surveys design, market research and econometrics. She has widely published in the academic and professional literature on the aforementioned topics.

Prof. Kamargianni is the Project Coordinator of several projects, such as the 7.7 million EURO project HARMONY (Holistic approach for providing spatial & transport planning tools and evidence to metropolitan and regional authorities to lead a sustainable transition to a new mobility era), and the FS-MaaS (Feasibility Study for Mobility as a Service; funded by the UK Departments for Transport). She was also the Scientific and Technical manager of the European Commissions’ H2020 funded projects MaaS4EU (End-to-End Approach for Mobility-as-a-Service tools, business models, enabling framework and evidence for European seamless mobility), GECKO (Governance principles and methods enabling decision makers to manage and regulate the changing mobility systems) and the EIT Urban Mobility funded projects SHAREmore (SHAREd MObility REwards mission) and Pro-MaaS (Policies and Regulations required for enabling the MaaS concept).

Glenn Lyons

Mott MacDonald Professor of Future Mobility at UWE Bristol

Glenn Lyons is the Mott MacDonald Professor of Future Mobility at the University of West of England, Bristol, UK. Spanning between academia and practice, he specialises in addressing transport sector developments in the context of ongoing and uncertain social and technological change. He has helped bring forward the ‘decide and provide’ transport planning paradigm and led the development of FUTURES – a six-stage vision-led approach to strategic planning for an uncertain world. With previous senior-level secondments into the UK Department for Transport and the New Zealand Ministry of Transport, he has considerable experience of stakeholder engagement across policymaking, consultancy and academia. He was the Senior User in the UK Government team responsible for developing and delivering a ‘world first’ national door-to-door multi-modal journey planner and has focused for many years on the role of information (and now MaaS) in shaping, supporting and influencing travel choices.