June 6-8, 2023, Castellon, Spain

About the conference


Be aware of a scam conference using exactly our conference name! Only trust the TUNI.FI site.

Proceedings of ICL-GNSS and WiP papers are available:

IEEE: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/xpl/conhome/10148895/proceeding
CEUR WiP: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-3434

Conference scope

Reliable navigation and positioning are becoming essential in applications for IoT in industry and logistic applications, in smart city environments, for safety-critical purposes, in public services and consumer products to guarantee transparent, efficient and reliable workflows. A robust localization solution, which will be available continuously is needed regardless outdoor and indoor, and on different platforms. ICL-GNSS addresses the latest research on wireless and satellite-based positioning techniques to provide reliable and accurate position information with low latency. The emphasis is on the design of mass-market navigation receivers and related tools and methodologies, but also many kinds of sensing devices, wireless systems with localization capabilities, and location-aware applications are within the scope of ICL-GNSS.

Organisers and sponsors

ICL-GNSS 2023 is technically co-sponsored by IEEE AES society. A special issue based on extended top-tier papers will be published in Sensors journal by MDPI after the conference. The IET has donated prizes to ICL-GNSS 2023. UBIK Geospatial Solutions acts as the local financial office.