Workshop: Solidarity: positionalities, power, and possibilities

Amiirah Salleh-Hoddin
Nelli Ruotsalainen
Minna Seikkula

Solidarity, as a practice and as a concept, houses an understanding of a shared agenda, objective, ideology, or dream. Solidarity is an invocation: a call to action, a call to unite, a call to show up when it counts. However, calls for solidarity often happen in contexts that are marked by the very hierarchies that collective actions seek to dismantle. The call for solidarity is thus also an impetus to assess critically the borders that circumscribe the possibilities of shared agendas.

For this working group, we welcome papers, presentations and creative expressions that investigate the challenges and possibilities of solidarity specifically in social justice organizing contexts. Critical contributions can depart from these questions but do not need to be bound by them: Who calls for solidarity, and who answers that call? Do all calls for solidarity have to be answered? How does solidarity manifest and how are the manifestations shaped by intersecting power structures? How can social justice organizers / groups / activists transgress the borders that hinder solidarity?