Call for Papers

The call for papers has closed. 

Acceptance notifications will be sent out on 10 September 2019.


We invite scholars from various disciplines, practitioners, film-makers, artists and activists to discuss solidarity, participation and politics in the context of global mobility and ethnic relations. With the conference theme, the organising committee wishes to promote dialogue on and foreground an ethical approach to human mobility.

Can solidarity and participation bring new insights into the politics of migration? This question will be discussed in various workshops, which either directly link to the theme of this year’s conference, or deal with the themes of international migration, (im)mobility, borders, ethnic relations and racism more broadly. You can find a list of the thematic workshops here.

Please submit the title of your presentation, an abstract of no more than 300 words, and your contact information (name, title, organization, and e-mail address). In case you have questions concerning a particular workshop, please contact the workshop convener directly.

There will be four workshop slots in the conference programme. Each workshop slot is approximately 1.5 hours, including three (at maximum four) paper presentations (3×15-20 minutes, with -/+ 10 minutes reserved for questions). The workshop conveners may decide to have a double session that occupies two slots. In this case, each workshop has room for 6-8 papers in total.

The main language of the conference is English, but presentations in Finnish and Swedish are possible in some of the workshops.