Workshop: Law and solidarity

Elina Nieminen, Tampere University

Jaana Palander, Tampere University / University of Eastern Finland

Solidarity related with migration and international protection has many definitions and it can materialise in various forms. For example, acts of solidarity can be directed towards refugees or towards other EU member states. Also actors of solidarity are diverse: we see actors such as the state, civil servants, associations and citizens. Solidarity can also be related with the general belongingness of migrants to societies. In this relation, this workshop is keen on themes related to (but not limited to) practices or policies that produce belonging and non-belonging, tolerance or acceptance of the many forms of migration. In addition, we welcome presentations that observe – for instance – what policies, methods or practices maintain structures that hinder migrants from being part of the societies they live in. Expressions of solidarity might be either curtailed or supported by law and administrative practice. Different fields of law and administration might also pull to different directions, hence disturbing the coherence of migration management.

We invite presentations dealing with legal questions or having law as a research interest. Both theoretical and empirical research topics are welcome. We hope that in your presentation, you reflect the concepts of solidarity, participation or belonging. The workgroup is bilingual English/Finnish. Write your abstract in the language you plan to present it.