Workshop: Deportations and deportability in Finland

Saara Pellander, Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Institute for Advanced Social Research, Tampere University
Eveliina Lyytinen, Postdoctoral Researcher, Migration Institute of Finland,

Type of the workshop: Open workshop with academic presentations in English

In Finland, there is wide range of ongoing research around the field of deportations and deportability, which are being studied by a growing number of scholars from different disciplines and perspectives. This workshop seeks to bring together scholars who work on questions related to deportations and deportability in Finland. The aim of the workshop is to establish an academic network for deportation scholars and to commence a project leading into a co-edited peer-reviewed anthology on critical deportation research. We welcome academic presentations that look at the ways in which deportations influence everyday lives, or that analyze different forms of activism and solidarity movements related to deportations. We also welcome presentations that explore legal frameworks, policies and practices around deportations, and presentations that analyze media debates and mediated practices around the subject. Presentations for this workshop can be empirical and/or develop theoretical notions around the topic of deportations and deportability. We welcome scholars from different stages of their academic career and various disciplines.