Carol Jagger

Emerita Professor at Newcastle University

Carol Jagger is Emerita Professor at Newcastle University, UK. From 2010-2021 she was the AXA Professor of Epidemiology of Ageing at Newcastle University, UK, her research program spanning demography and epidemiology with a focus on mental and physical functioning in ageing. Carol has over 30 years’ experience of ageing research, and she is the leading UK researcher on healthy life expectancy, having provided evidence to various government committees on this topic. She sits on a number of national and international committees including the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Research on Ageing and Care Expert Advisory group. Carol is a Chartered Statistician, a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and the Gerontological Society of America, and an Honorary Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. Although Carol retired in June 2021, she retains an active interest in her main research areas of healthy life expectancy, inequalities, and microsimulation modelling.


Shereen Hussein

Professor of Health and Social Care Policy

Dr Shereen Hussein is a Professor of Health and Social Care Policy at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK. Shereen is a medical demographer by training and has developed an established multi-disciplinary research portfolio focusing on ageing and long term care. Shereen’s research supports policymakers in the UK and internationally to formulate and implement tailored ageing policies and plans. Shereen has a particular interest in global ageing, health equity and migration and has recently established the Middle East and North Africa Research on Ageing Healthy Network to mobilise ageing research and practice development in the region (www.menarah.org).


Claude Martin

Research Professor at the CNRS

Claude Martin, Master in Psychology, PhD in Sociology (Paris 8 University) and French Habilitation in sociology (Paris Sorbonne Descartes University), is a research professor (Directeur de recherche) at CNRS (National center for scientific research) in Rennes (France). He is the Director of the Priority research program on autonomy (disability and aging), supported by the ministry of Research (Programme d’investissement d’avenir PIA) and operated by the French research agency ANR (2021-2026).

Claude Martin’s main fields of research concern comparative welfare state analysis, social policies, in particular childcare, family care and Long-term care policies.  He previously held the chair CNSA on Social Care (2009-2015) and the Chair CNAF “Childhood, parenting and well-being” (2016-2020) at EHESP school of public health. He teaches social policies and Welfare state systems at universities of Rennes and Sorbonne Paris 5, at the Institute for Political science (Science Po Rennes) and Conservatoire national des Arts et Métiers (Paris). He was director of his research team (Arènes, UMR 6051) (140 members) during six years (2011-2016) and visiting professor at the National Institute of scientific research in Montréal (1999-2000).


Marta Szebehely

Professor Emeritus of Social Work

Marta Szebehely is a Professor Emeritus of Social Work at Stockholm University, Sweden. She has been partnering and leading several Nordic and international comparative research projects on eldercare, and for almost four decades, she has analysed how policy and organisational changes in eldercare have affected the everyday life of care workers, older people with care needs and their family members. Her research interests include gender, social policy and care; shifting boundaries of care (family, state, market); comparative and historical perspectives on care policies; everyday life perspectives on formal and informal care; living conditions and use of care among older and disabled people; working conditions in care work.