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Flying to Helsinki

Helsinki Airport is Finland’s international air travel hub; over 150 direct flights from all over the world land daily in Helsinki. The airport is served especially well from Asian and European cities.

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Public transportation from Helsinki Airport

Short version: Helsinki Airport’s train station is located under the terminal. Local I and P trains operate between the Airport and Helsinki City Centre. The train ride takes about 30 minutes. Local train tickets can be purchased from HSL’s mobile app, or from the ticket machine at the train platform. Timetables, tickets and fares for local trains can be found on

The most convenient way to get to the conference venue from the city centre is by metro. Take the metro from the Central Railway Station (Rautatientori) metro station towards Tapiola or Kivenlahti (i.e., westward), and get off at the Koivusaari station, from which there is an approximately 1 km seaside walk to the conference venue (Hanasaari conference and cultural centre). Hotel Heymo 1 is located close to the Keilaniemi metro station (next station after Koivusaari). The Aalto University campus (where part of the conference will take place) is served by a dedicated metro station (unsurprisingly called Aalto University, the next station after Keilaniemi). The same ticket you bought for the local train is valid also for the metro.

Longer version: Detailed instructions on how to reach the conference venue and/or your hotel from Helsinki airport.