Abstract submission

Thank you for all the abstracts! The submission has been closed now. Abstracts will be published on the conference website soon.

Please see the abstracts here (link opens in a new tab).


Please note that there is no poster exhibition, instead the presenting persons are requested to give a short (3 min) oral presentation in the Pitch Talk session.

The Pitch Talk Session will replace traditional posters in the Virology Days this year. The moderated Pitch Talk Session will consist of brief oral presentations of 3 minutes each plus 2 minutes for questions from the audience (see specific guidelines for presentations below). The idea of the Pitch Talk session is to give a higher profile particularly to the work of young virologists. We also aim to facilitate discussion and scientific networking over the various topics the session will cover. The best Pitch Talk will be awarded during conference dinner.

  • One Title + authors slide plus max three slides: Material & Methods, Results, and Conclusions
  • Max three bullet points; Font 32 Calibri (you may add pictures)
  • Use short sentences, present only the most relevant without details