7th Conference on Technology Ethics (TETHICS2024)

6–7 November 2024 in Tampere, Finland
Paidia (The Living Lab of Play) and Tampere University City centre campus

About TETHICS2024


Conference on Technology Ethics (TETHICS) has for six years now provided a platform for presenting and discussing theoretical and applied research on ethics and information technology.

We invite researchers, professionals, students, and other stakeholders interested in technology ethics to the 7th annual Conference on Technology Ethics (TETHICS 2024) organized in Tampere, Finland on 6.–7.11.2024.

The key aim of TETHICS2024 is to provide researchers and other stakeholders a casual and relaxed environment to present research, discuss ethical challenges and opportunities related to information systems, and to network beyond the borders of academia.

Organizing Committee


Otto Sahlgren (Tampere University)
Conference co-chair

Thomas Olsson (Tampere University)
Conference co-chair

Jaana Parviainen (Tampere University)
Program co-chair

J. Tuomas Harviainen (Tampere University)
Program co-chair

Arto Laitinen (Tampere University)
Organizing co-chair

Juho Rantala (Tampere University)
Organizing co-chair

Salla Westerstrand (Solita)
Communications chair