About the congress

We kindly invite you and your colleagues to participate in the first ’SPLASH22 – Finnish Zebrafish Event’ on Saturday May 14th 2022 in the Arvo building of Tampere University. The program of SPLASH22 includes two international keynote lectures by Professor Fredrik Jutfelt (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) and Professor Petronella Kettunen (University of Gothenburg) as well as six research group presentations by Finnish zebrafish researchers.

The goal of SPLASH22 is to offer the Finnish zebrafish reasearchers and all enthusiastic ‘fish people’ an opportunity to get together and share their research and knowledge on zebrafish with each other. Especially, SPLASH meetings will give the floor to the younger generation of zebrafish researchers to present their work.

In the future, the SPLASH meetings will be organized every second year. The SPLASH meeting series is scheduled to take place on consecutive days with the Non-mammalian Model Organisms -minisymposium organized at Tampere University (this year on 13.5.2022).

The scientific program as well as information about registration and the venue will be available at by the end of this week.




University of Tampere
Arvo Ylpön katu 34
Arvo building, A210-A211

SPLASH22 Organizers:

Mataleena Parikka, Tampere University
Silva Uusi-Heikkilä, University of Jyväskylä
Henri Koivula, University of Helsinki