Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Per Henrik Hogstad

Associate Professor, PhD

Per Henrik Hogstad has for several years been teaching and researching in mathematics, physics, statistics and computer science at the University of Agder in Norway.

For several years he has been working with external student projects to motivate students for learning mathematics.

For a long time he has been developing and using visualizations and simulations for better teaching and learning mathematics, physics and statistics.

Ion Mierlus-Mazilu

Associate Professor, PhD

Ion MIERLUS MAZILU is an associate professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, Romania, where he has worked for over 25 years. He completed his bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate in Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Bucharest. He participated in several national and European projects in which he developed learning/teaching methods and was coordinator and leader in national scientific research projects. Ion’s research focus was e.g. e-learning, m-learning, active learning, competence-based learning. He is the author of several books and scientific works.

Markku Saarelainen


Prof. Saarelainen has been one of the key developers of the flipped classroom approach in Finland. He has implemented flipped classroom for several years in physics education in the University of Eastern Finland (UEF). As a role of Development Manager, he has guided for more than 400 teachers in 25 disciplines to implement Flipped Classroom approach including teachers from Finland and abroad. As a Professor of Practice in strategic development in Tampere University he has created a learning community of more than 100 teachers to use and facilitate the Flipped Classroom.

Hanna Kinnari-Korpela

Head of Degree Programme, PhD (tech.)

Kinnari-Korpela has worked at Tampere University of Applied Sciences over 20 years. She has taught engineering mathematics, developed learning/teaching methods and is currently leading (with a colleague) the transformation of TAMK towards Finnish Digivisio 2030 programme. Kinnari-Korpela’s research focus has been on e.g. digital learning, learning analytics, self-regulated learning and active learning.