14th NorPEN meeting 16–18 November, 2022

Data-driven decision making in healthcare and health promotion

Tampere University, Main building, Auditorium A1, Kalevantie 4, Tampere, Finland

 Wednesday 16 November, 2022, Pre-conference workshop (Auditorium A1)

Teachers: Jari Haukka and Tommi Härkänen

13:00–17:00 Workshop on multiple time scales – useful approach in pharmacoepidemiology (own laptops ).

Jari Haukka (jari.haukka(at) will send an email to the participants before the workshop. Follow your email!

In cohort studies with time-to-event outcomes we are usually interested in more than one time-scale. Such time-scales are e.g. time after start of treatment, time after stopping treatment, age, calendar time, and time since diagnosis. Cox’s proportional hazards models allow only one time scale, but with Poisson regression models two or more time-scales can be analyzed simultaneously.  This workshop provides an introduction to understand and analyze multiple time scales. Hands-on practicals provide participants with working R-language scripts. Basic knowledge of the R language is essential for participants.

Theoretical session + hands on practicals with data

Pre-reading materials will be provided for the participants

Working knowledge of R language required for practicals

17:15-18:30 Executive Committee meeting (Meeting room A203f, Café & Aula Toivo) For representatives and substitutes

Social program:

19:00 Welcome reception at the Tampere Old City Hall, Keskustori 10, Tampere

20:00 PhD student dinner at Sauna Restaurant Kuuma, Laukontori 21, Tampere

Please, pre-register here to the PhD dinner (self-paid)

Thursday 17 November, 2022, NorPEN meeting (Auditorium A1)

09:00–09:15 Welcome words, Tapio Visakorpi, vice dean, Tampere University (FI)

09:15–10:45 Keynote lectures, chair Jari Haukka, university lecturer, University of Helsinki (FI)

9:15–10:00 Disease prevention in non-communicable diseases and mental disorders, Mika Kivimäki, professor, University College, London (UK)

10:00–10:45 Challenges and opportunities of multi-country, multi-database pharmacoepidemiologic studies, Olaf Klungel, professor, Utrecht University (NL)

10:45–11:15 Coffee (group photo in the beginning of the break) 

11:15–12:15 Oral presentations (Auditorium A1 & Auditorium A3)

Oral presentations parallel session 1 (Auditorium A1), chair Leena Saastamoinen, research manager, Finnish Medicines Agency, Fimea (FI)

Andersen et al. Nordic COllaborative HEalth REgister Network for Covid-19 Epidemiology (Nordic COHERENCE)

 Lu et al. Prediagnostic prescription antibiotics use and survival among colorectal cancer patients: A population-based cohort study

Matthews. Benchmarking observational analyses before using them to address questions trials do not answer

Shakibfar et al. Predicting community-acquired pneumonia hospitalization in older individuals: a Danish register-based study.

Young et al. Clarifying the Causal Contrast: Incident New Users vs Prevalent New Users

Oral presentations parallel session 2 (Auditorium A3), chair Mika Gissler, research professor, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (FI)

Babar et al. Prevalence of cardiovascular drugs and oral anticoagulants use among persons with and without Parkinson’s disease

Hurley et al. COVID-19 infection and medication use in pregnancy (CONSIGN) – a multinational drug utilisation study using linked healthcare data

Hyttinen et al. Implementation of Meds75+ database in older people: An interrupted time series analysis

Nurminen et al. (Rättö) Medicine use in people with intellectual disabilities – a Finnish nationwide register study

Samuelsen et al. Prevalence of long-term postoperative opioid use in Norway

12:15–13:15 Lunch

13:15–14:30 Session 1 Topic: Prevention interventions in reproductive health (Auditorium A1), chair Maarit Leinonen, research manager, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (FI)

13:15-13:40 Tiina Jääskeläinen, university lecturer, University of Helsinki (FI): Preeclampsia as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease after pregnancy

13:40-14:05 Hedvig Nordeng, professor, University of Oslo (NO): Risk of childhood cancer after maternal exposure to medications

14:05-14:30 Elena Toffol, postdoctoral researcher, University of Helsinki (FI): Hormonal contraception and mental health: a register-based, nested case-control study from Finland

14:3015:00 Coffee

15:00–15:40 Session 2 (Auditorium A1) Topic: Methodological issues in cancer pharmacoepidemiology, chair Sirpa Hartikainen, professor, University of Eastern Finland (FI)

15:00–15:40 Teemu Murtola, professor, Tampere University (FI): How to avoid common pitfalls in pharmacoepidemiological cancer research?

15:40–17:00 Pharmacoepi slam (Auditorium A1), chair Mika Gissler, research professor, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (FI)

15:40–16:45 Slam

Bilddal et al. Increasing use of antidepressants, hypnotics and psychostimulants during the COVID-19 pandemic among Danish children, adolescents, and young adults

Jönsson et al. Almost 50% of the individuals who died from tramadol intoxications in Sweden lacked a prescription

Kjerpeseth et al. Trends in prevalence and treatment of gestational diabetes in Norway 2010-2020

Lee and Li. Pre-conceptional paternal high alcohol intake and the risk of offspring’s stillbirth

Haikonen-Salo et al. FINCOME – a model for individual level microsimulation of antihypertensive drug adherence

Liau et al. Symptomatic and Preventive Medication Use in Australian and Japanese Nursing Homes

Paakinaho et al. β2-adrenoceptor agonists and risk of Parkinson’s disease: nested case-control study of people with asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Paulamäki et al. Differences in access to health care services and population service needs explain regional variation in use of potentially inappropriate medications

Puranen et al. Real-world effectiveness of mood stabilizer use in schizophrenia

Rasmussen et al. Prescribing patterns for glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists following the introduction of semaglutide in Denmark and Norway

Refsum et al. Isotretinoin use during pregnancy – still a cause for concern?

Sharon et al. Use of olanzapine, quetiapine or risperidone and the risk of venous thromboembolism in older adults

Voutilainen et al. Partner’s alcohol drinking and tobacco smoking correlate with woman’s drinking and smoking before and during pregnancy

Wittstöm et al. Lithium in pregnancy: a utilization study in the five Nordic countries

16:45–17:00 Q&A

Social program:

19:00 Congress Dinner, Puistotornin juhlasali, Hämeenpuisto 28, Tampere

Music: Tampere Ukulele Orchestra

Friday 18 November, 2022, NorPEN meeting

09:00–10:20 Session 3 (Auditorium A1) Topic: Open and shareable methods for drug use modelling from register-based data, chair Heidi Taipale, senior researcher, Karolinska Institutet (SE), University of Eastern Finland (FI)

9:00–9:20 Laura Pazzagli, research specialist, Karolinska Institutet (SE): Exposure definition in pharmacoepidemiology – example of an open source software for treatment episodes construction

9:20–9:40 Henrik Støvring, associate professor, Århus University (DK): Estimation of prescription durations using the reverse Waiting Time Distribution – a general, maximum likelihood-based method

9:40–10:00 Maurizio Sessa, assistant professor (tenure), University of Copenhagen (DK): Sessa empirical estimator: rationale, performance, and applications in real-world data

10:00–10:20 Pia Vattulainen, biostatistician, Niuvanniemi Hospital (FI): From Prescriptions to Drug Use Periods (PRE2DUP) R-version

10:20–10:40 Coffee

10:40–11:20 Oral presentations (Auditorium A1 & Auditorium A2a) (10 min each)

Oral presentations parallel session 3 (Auditorium A1), chair Mika Gissler, research professor, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (FI)

Hamina et al. Fatal overdoses in a cohort of chronic pain patients

Trinh et al. Timing of antidepressant discontinuation during pregnancy and psychiatric outcomes in the postpartum: a cohort study based on Danish and Norwegian nationwide registers

Zhao et al. Impact of COVID-19 on mental health care utilization and medication use in the population with pre-existing mental disorders: results from a registry linkage in Norway and Sweden

Oral presentations parallel session 4 (Auditorium A2a), chair Heidi Taipale, assistant professor, Karolinska Institutet (SE), University of Eastern Finland (FI)

Korppi et al. (Csonka) Trends and guideline concordance in prescribing antibiotics for 45,296 children with sinusitis between 2014–2020

Srinivas et al. ADHD medication use trajectories among pregnant women in Norway and Sweden

Wesselhoeft et al. Differences in psychotropic drug use among children and adolescents in Scandinavia

11:20–12:40 Session 4 (Auditorium A1) Topic: Methodological issues in pharmacovigilance, chair Miia Artama, professor (tenure), Tampere University, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (FI)

11:20–12:00 Joan Morris, professor of medical statistics, St Georges´s University of London (UK): Basic methods to combine pharmacoepidemiological data analyzed at different countries

12:00–12:40 Chantal Quinten, Statistician, European Medicines Agency (NL): Heterogeneity in multi-database studies (MDS); application to electronic healthcare databases

12:40–13:00 Closing words and introduction of new Executive Committee and next NorPEN meeting in 2023, History and future of NorPEN (Auditorium A1), Sirpa Hartikainen, professor, University of Eastern Finland (FI)

13:00-14:00 Lunch and departure