How to Pitch? Practice and Learn from Others

Tuesday 27.8.2019

at 15.45 – 17.15

Hall A1 (Main building)


How to Pitch? Practice and Learn from Others
Stina Boedeker, Tampere University

We all have experienced situations where we need to introduce ourselves, our job, or research topic  to a new person. For instance you go to a conference, take a cup of coffee and face a new person, professor or a colleague, who asks you: ‘so what is your research about?’. Or you need  to give a short description of your research idea for a research funding application. The question is: Where to start, what to focus on, and how much time can you, or should take? It is all about starting and doing it – let’s practice!

So-called pitching is a core skill to market yourself within a short timeframe, starting from 30 seconds to few minutes. The main task is to make the listeners curious about you and/or your topic and to hook them to ask for a further meeting or more information.

The ability to present your idea with an impact point of view is nowadays crucial, also a so called transferable skill of all researchers. You may need to pitch – ie. give a short and focused presentation – in a range of situations.

In this workshop you have an opportunity to practice and start the on-going iteration of pitching your topic, research and/or an idea. Moreover you will get valuable feedback and learn from others.

Also have a look at videos on the skill and tips of delivering short presentations by googling Three Minute Thesis in YouTube.