Thursday 24.10.



8.30     Poster session

9.00     Opening of the seminar
Dean Martti Kauranen, Tampere University, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

9.15    How Materials Science started in Tampere – A brief history
Prof. Em. Toivo Lepistö, Tampere University

Session 1: Advanced Materials Processing

9.40     ScCO2 assisted processing of ceramic materials
M.Sc. Aaretti Kaleva, Tampere University

10.00   Approaches for linking the spray process and coating performance by using in-situ monitoring of particles and deposition
M.Sc. Tommi Varis, Tampere University

10.20   Materials and processing development for sustainable packaging solutions
M.Sc. Juuso Toriseva, Tampere University

10.40   Destroy and degrade polymers: the roles of simulations and mechanics
Asst. Prof. Mikko Kanerva, Tampere University

11.00   Laboratory tours

11.30   Poster session, coffee, and sandwiches

Session 2: Materials Performance

12.30   From microscopic to macroscopic – the role of interfaces in composite materials
Asst. Prof. Essi Sarlin, Tampere University

12.50   Optimization of Heat Treatment Processes for Ultra High Strength Steel
M.Sc. Sakari Terho, Tampere University

13.10   Relevance of laboratory wear experiments for the evaluation of in-service performance of materials
Dr. Kati Valtonen, Tampere University

13.30   Fretting research in mechanical engineering
Dr. Janne Juoksukangas., Tampere University

13.50   Laboratory tours

Session 3: Materials Research

14.20   Residual stress, microstructure and cracking characteristics of flame cut thick steel plates
M.Sc. Tuomas Jokiaho, Tampere University

14.40   Experiments at Extreme Conditions
Asst. Prof. Mikko Hokka, Tampere University

15.00   In-situ SEM micromechanics
Asst. Prof. Gaurav Mohanty, Tampere University

15.20   Future of Engineering Materials Science
Prof. Erkki Levänen, Tampere University

15.40 Laboratory tours


Poster session

Reza Bayat: Lubricant characterization using mini-traction machine (MTM)

Guilherme Corrêa Soares and Naiara Vázquez Fernández: Simultaneous full-field strain and temperature measurements in tension tests

Valentina Donadei: Slippery icephobic coatings prepared by thermal spraying

Petri Johansson: Al2O3 ALD in Packaging Structures

Petri Johansson: Biopohjaiset älykkäät ratkaisut

Jarno Jokinen: Numerical analysis of bonded joints

Aloshious Lambai: In-situ SEM nanomechanical testing

Henna Niemelä-Anttonen: The performance of slippery surfaces in cold weathering environments

Matteo Orlandini: Polymer coating for lubricant release

Madan Patnamsetty: Constitutive flow behaviour of CoCrFeNiMn high-entropy alloy

Alexandra Shakun: Low-loss energy harvesting materials from rubber-nanodiamond composites

Ayat Soltani: Digital Image Correlation for analyzing the deformation of the heart

Kati Valtonen: Research methods for the evaluation of the relevance of application oriented laboratory wear tests

Setareh Zakeri: Formulation and characterization of ceramic resins for the fabrication of hierarchical porous structures by stereolithography

Group posters

Advanced Characterization of Mechanical Behavior
Ceramic Materials
Metals technology
Paper Converting and Packaging Technology
Plastics and Elastomer Technology
Surface engineering
Structural Characterization of Materials
Tribology and Machine Elements
Tampere Wear Center
Tampere Microscopy Center
Thermal Spray Center Finland


Laboratory tours 11-11:30, 13:50-14:20 & 15:40-16.10

Paper Converting and Packaging Technology
Thermal Spray Center Finland
3D printing of ceramic materials
Thermal analysis and fiber material laboratories
Tampere Wear Center
Tribology and Machine Elements laboratory
Impact laboratory
Tampere Microscopy Center