1st Indoor Photovoltaics Conference (IPVC-1)

4-5.7.2024, Tampere University, Finland

About the Conference

Indoor photovoltaics hold great potential for transforming the way we generate and re-use energy to power electronic devices, contributing to green energy transition and sustainable development. New indoor photovoltaic technologies that can effectively harvest low-intensity artificial light have just entered the market or emerged at the R&D lab stage. These next-generation indoor photovoltaics, such as organic, perovskite, and dye-sensitized, also promise to lower the thermal budget needed for processing, to yield larger design freedom, and to substantially reduce the production costs.

The research on indoor photovoltaics is right now very vibrant at the international level. Hence, there is no better time to organize a conference that brings together the growing international academic and industrial community working in the area of indoor photovoltaics. This includes different areas in this field, from material development, up to system integrators who will set the requirements for indoor photovoltaic applications.

IPVC-1 launches the first conference series on indoor photovoltaics. There are a lot of aspects that need to be considered and further developed in this growing field, with this conference being the ideal international platform for networking, building new collaborations and getting informed about the state of the art in the indoor photovoltaics development. The conference program comprises invited talks from top-notch experts from leading institutions, encompassing all the relevant aspects and technologies within the realm of indoor photovoltaics, such as Material and device development, characterization, modelling, upscaling, integration, commercialization, standards and best practices. The conference will comprise invited and contributed talks, a poster session, panel discussions, networking sessions, an exhibition and a conference dinner.


Main page image: Jousia Lappi, City of Tampere

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