December 5, 2022 | Pinni B, room 3032, Tampere University


Registration and welcome coffee


Opening of the symposium


Keynote lecture | Yasemin Soysal

World society research in an emerging post-liberal era:
Studying macro and micro enactments


Nir Rotem

Multiple scripts: A world society approach for women’s empowerment
The paper is co-authored with Prof. Elizabeth Heger Boyle.

Tomoko Okada

Politicized Science and Rural-Urban Divides: Exploring How Rurality in the Place of Residence and Red and Blue Media Use Affect Views toward Scientists Pre- and During the COVID-19 Pandemic
The paper is co-authored with Liwei Shen.

Jessica Kim

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth is? Normative and Monetary Democracy Assistance and Democratization


Lunch break


Irem Tuncer-Ebetürk & Yasemin Soysal

Global Diffusion and Contestation of Disease: The Case of ADHD

Jukka Syväterä

From where do legislators draw scientific knowledge? Organizations as scientific authorities in four countries’ parliamentary debates
The paper is co-authored with Marjaana Rautalin and Attila Kustán Magyari.

Ivan Kislenko

Between North and South: Anti-Eurocentric Isolationism of Russian Sociology in the State of War and Beyond


Szymon Zylinski

Bhutanese media system through the lens of the World Society Theory

Marja Helena Sivonen

Securitising zero-carbon energy transitions in Estonia, Finland, and Norway

Kalle Pajunen

No rhetoric lives in a vacuum: The embeddedness of organization-level maintenance of work rationalization logic in Finland


Coffee break


Marjaana Rautalin & Pertti Alasuutari

Navigating in global discourse: Swedish COVID-19 strategy as a case

Ali Qadir

Epistemic fields and power in the world polity: Accounting for new institutions in new institutionalism
This paper is co-authored with Pertti Alasuutari

Olga Ulybina

World culture and the pendulum of childcare reforms


Closing discussion


Symposium dinner & get-together