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International Conference on Localization and GNSS

About the conference series


Be aware of a scam conference using exactly our conference name! Only trust the TUNI.FI site and check that the dash (-) exists in the event acronym…

Conference scope

Reliable navigation and positioning are becoming essential in applications for IoT in industry and logistic applications, in smart city environments, for safety-critical purposes, in public services and consumer products to guarantee transparent, efficient and reliable workflows. A robust localization solution, which will be available continuously is needed regardless outdoor and indoor, and on different platforms. ICL-GNSS addresses the latest research on wireless and satellite-based positioning techniques to provide reliable and accurate position information with low latency. The emphasis is on the design of mass-market navigation receivers and related tools and methodologies, but also many kinds of sensing devices, wireless systems with localization capabilities, and location-aware applications are within the scope of ICL-GNSS.

Conference history

ICL-GNSS was launched in 2011 in Tampere, Finland. The conference circulates in Europe. The sites for ICL-GNSS have been:

2011 Tampere, Finland

2012 Starnberg (Munich), Germany

2013 Torino, Italy

2014 Helsinki, Finland

2015 Barcelona, Spain

2016 Gothenburg, Sweden

2017 Nottingham, UK

2018 Guimaraes, Portugal

2019 Nuremberg, Germany

2020 Tampere, Finland (virtual due to COVID-19)

2021 Tampere, Finland (virtual due to COVID-19)

2022 Tampere, Finland

2023 Castellon, Spain