3Pre Conference & Conference schedule

Pre Conference:
Tuesday 19th
Informal get together with PhD Workshop participants in the evening at Ravintola Telakka
Wednesday 20th
9-12 PhD seminar in Room E222
12-13 Lunch (self-served)

Conference Programme at a glance:
Wednesday 20th

Registration desk open from 10:00-18:00 in Tampere University Main building

13-14:30 Welcome + keynote Sarah Elwood
14:30-15 Coffee
15-16:30 Parallel sessions

19: 00 Restaurant/Theatre Telakka Film Screening/Refugee film festival & drinks

Thursday 21st

Registration desk open from 09:00-14:00 in Tampere University Main building
9:30-11 Parallel sessions
11 -11:30 Coffee
11:30-12:30 Keynote Payal Arora (online)
12:30 -13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:00 Parallel sessions
15:00-15:30 Coffee
15:30-17:00 Parallel sessions

19:00 Conference dinner at Juhlatila Konsu


Friday 22nd

9-10:30 Parallel sessions
10:30-11 Coffee
11-12:30 Keynote Sukhmani Khorana
12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15 Parallel sessions
15-15:30 Coffee
15:30-17 Plenary panel & Goodbye

Detailed Conference Schedule

Detailed Schedule for Wednesday 20th September 2023

Wednesday 20th September 2023      
13:00-14:30 Welcome – Kaarina Nikunen Lecture Hall A1
Keynote: Sarah Elwood: Practicing Abundance: Hope, Digital Geographies and the City
Chair: André Jansson
14:30-15:00 Coffee
15:00-16:30 Parallel Sessions
Room A2a

Digital Infrastructures, Activism and Resistance

Chair: Sanna Valtonen

Dilara Asardag: Feminist performative digital assemblies as a way of becoming: notions of empowerment and subordination through hashtag activism and online feminist publics in Turkey

Tendai Chari: Communication Rights and politics of digital infrastructures in the Global South: The case of #DataMustFall campaign in South Africa

Jochem Kootstra: Fighting maps with maps

Heidi Kosonen: Counterspeech as Talking back digitally in Finnish online communities

Room A3

Digital Micro-Geography
Chair: Pablo Abend

Christoph Borbach: Sensing proximity: Media historical traces of virtual fences

Helena Atteneder: Being a commuter in post-digital “cities of feet and hands”:
Micro-navigations through mobility and media landscapes

Max Kanderske:
Immersive navigation. Wayfinding with and within media

Room A4

Visual Geomedia and Tourist Worlds

Chair: Christian Ritter

Christian Ritter and Georgia Aitaki: Broadcasting tourist experiences: Travel videos in the global streaming

Karina Kirsten: Travelogues: New visions of travel?

19:00 Refugee Film Festival Presents: Midnight Traveller, Film Screening at Theatre Telakka

Thursday 21st September 2023        
09:30-11:00 Parallel Sessions
Room A2a

War, Conflict and Politics

Chair: Georgia Aitaki

Doug Specht:
Media, maps, and the making of war

Soma Basu: Phantoms of the drain: Imaginations of conflict in everyday infrastructures

Velayutham Chandrasekharan:
Framing of urban resettlement in English newspapers: an analysis of policy, gender and livelihood coverage

Laura Saarenmaa: Chinese television diplomacy: Monkey King’s Nordic tour in 1979

Room A3

Affective Landscapes, Hopes and Values: Questioning Algorithmic Systems

Chair: Minna Ruckenstein

Minna Ruckenstein: The digital geography of fear

Santeri Räisänen: The aesthetics and affect of governmental high-tech

Laura Savolainen: Hopeful Algorithms: Imagining Recommendation Systems Beyond Algorithmic Markets and Autocracies

Room A4
Cross-Cultural Encounters and Mobilities

Chair: Linda Ryan Bengtsson

Reeta Pöyhtäri and Päivi Pirkkalainen: Encounters between asylum seekers and locals in a small rural municipality and media: The hopeful case of Kyyjärvi

Tuire Liimatainen: The Finnish diaspora policy and the reimagining of a community in the digital age

Hedwig Wagner: Digital cross border regions. A geomedia and border studies approach

11:00-11:30 Coffee
11:30-12:30 Lecture Hall A1

Keynote: Payal Arora: Aspirational Geographies and Hopeful AI Futures With The Global South (online)
Chair: Cornelia Brantner

12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:00 Parallel Session
Room A2a

Migration and Datafication of Borders

Chair: Fredrik Hoppstadius

Kirsi Pauliina Kallio, Jouni Häkli, Gintarė Kudžmaitė and Aila Spathopoulou:
Between hope and despair: Gatekeeping as (dis)embodied mobility regulation in the EU

Gintaré Kudžmaité:
The social potential of AI-generated portrayals of migrants, migration and borders

Hannah Morgan: An affirmative biopolitics? Everyday smartphone practices and the (re)mediation of hostility

Sanna Valtonen:
Dwindling hope. The everyday life of undocumented migrants in the cycle of endless border practices

Room A3

Disconnect, Refusal and Platform Governance

Chair: Anne Soronen

Joern Langhorst: Media tactics and mediated resistance: Surveillance, sousveillance and counter-publics

Tuukka Lehtiniemi, Vassilis Charitsis and Mikko Laamanen:
Algorithmic luddism: The emancipatory potential of collective acts of refusal in datafied societies

Karoliina Talvitie-Lamberg, Leena Ripatti-Torniainen and Sanna Valtonen: Mediarefusers and geographies of hope – the participation and agency of social media non-users in the public realm

Lucio Mello: Ideas for a genealogy of citizenship and mediatizations

Room A4

Material Entanglements ofNonanthropo-centric Hope

Chairs: Seija Ridell and Tarja Rautiainen-Keskustalo

Mirka Muilu: Giving up anthropocentric hope – Arendt’s Earth meets Latour’s Gaia

Jaana Parviainen and Seija Ridell:
’Not yet but soon’: Misplaced hope invested in imaginary technologies as solutions to wicked

Tarja Rautiainen‐Keskustalo:
Beyond human ears – materializing the awareness of environmental relations

Aino Kangaspuro Haaparanta:
The material entanglements of the journalist’s laptop in times of ecological crises

15:00-15:30 Coffee
15:30-17:00 Parallel Session
Room A2a

Online Hate and Counter-Publics

Chair: Tuija Saresma

Kaarina Nikunen, Paula Haara, Heidi Kosonen, Aleksi Knuutila, Reeta Pöyhtäri, Tuija Saresma: Affective meanings of hate speech – countering hate with joy.

Anirban Mukhopadhyay: WhatsApp mediated publics: Critiquing and resisting alternative realities in India

Anumita Goswami: Emotional Atyachar (trauma): The emotional labour of fact checking in India

Elizabeth Poole: Countering Islamophobic hate speech on Twitter: Activist strategies

Room A3

Geomedia Technologies between Surveillance and Survival

Chair: Karoliina Talvitie-Lamberg

Pablo Abend: (Geo-)Tagging – The utopian hopes and harsh realities of a ubiquitous media practice

Yi-Fan Chen: Mapping my family story: Designing user-generated Geomedia for family

Craig Ryder: Digitalising Bourdieu: digital capital as resistance in post-pandemic Sri Lanka

Room A4

The Hope and Hopes of Digitalization in the Post-Pandemic Cultural Productions

Chair: Saara-Maija Kallio & Anne Soronen

Henri Laukkanen: Making contemporary art with digital representations of contemporary art

Anne Mölsä: Audio book production and the developing professional ethos of the publishing workers of Finnish literary fiction

Anne Soronen, Saara-Maija Kallio & Eliisa Vainikka: Aspirations and anxieties of knowledge production in the film and television industry

Pauliina Penttilä: The curve looks good! Audience metrics, occupational enthusiasm, and professional goals in a tabloid newsroom

Room A05

Mediated Space and Media Representations of Hope

Chair: Helena Atteneder

Andrea Markl, Belinda Mahlknecht and Tabea Bork-Hüffer: Understanding young people’s negotiations of difference in entangled online-offline spaces from a subjective-empirical perspective

Santosh Kumar Patra: Non-presence and distanced proximity: a study of the mediatization of space and user experience of dating sites

Sunitha Don Bosco: Social media narratives, social acceptance and discriminated communities

Sara Dahlman: Artificial intelligence in healthcare – the co-constitutive entanglement of hype and hope

19:00 Conference Dinner

Friday 22nd September 2023      
9:00-10:30 Parallel Sessions
Room A2a

Digital Hope and Solidarity

Chair: Soma Basu

Paola Sartoretto and Ekatarina Kalinina: Communicative solidarity – networked resistance to neoliberalism in urban spaces

Hjalte Betak: The digital freelancer as co-owner, employee and freelancer at once? Potentialities of platform cooperative organizing

Eliisa Vainikka: Volunteering as an act of care – European volunteers’ place-making, mobilities and digital practices

Nadia Nava: ‘YouTube Cuba’: Showcasing hope and despair in the digital revolution era

Room A3

The Techno-Optimism of Mobile Infrastructures

Chair: Adrienne Russell

Maren Hartmann: Affective infrastructuring: Unhoused media / media use of the unhoused

Deniz Neriman Duru: Hopes and limitations of digital and non-digital media in the exploration of conviviality and
solidarity in Burgaz, Istanbul

Magnus Andersson: Workplace, what workplace? The modern office as a mobile infrastructure

Erika Polson: AirBnB(itterness)? The hopes and disappointments of “Live and Work Anywhere”

Room A4

Games, Geographies and Imaginary Futures

Jan Houška: Hope labour vs reality: Experiences of Eastern European expatriates and remote workers in Czech game companies

Kirsi Pauliina Kallio, Jouni Häkli and Miki Mäkelä: BiciZen: Advancing sustainable urban mobility through citizen science

Zhen Zeng: Planting trees in a FinTech-driven game: exploring the spatial creation and place experience in Ant Forest

Jian Xiao and Haoze Wang: Nostalgia in the platform era: A case of card-punching the Chinese old communities

10:30-11:00 Coffee
11:00-12:30 Lecture Hall A1

Keynote: Sukhmani Khorana: Belonging as a Reciprocal Affect: Towards Centring Agency in Migrant and Refugee-led Digital Media Artefacts
Chair: Kaarina Nikunen

12:30-13:30 Lunch
13:30-15:00 Parallel Sessions
Room A2a

Technologies of Hope: Woman Life Freedom

Chair: Dilara Asardag

Victoria Balan: Technologies of hope – The discursive construction of the #WomanLifeFreedom movement in Time and Wired magazine

Seyed Mohammadhos Mirhashemi: From space of resistance to public space: A new approach to 2022 Iran protests

Azadeh Shamsi: Digital Feminist Activism and Imagining the Future: Case study of the ‘Women, Life, Freedom’ protest in Iran

Room A3

Art and Imaginations of Change

Chair: Laura Saarenmaa

Suman Ghosh: Virtual Museum of Protest Art as Empathy Machine: A Literature Review

Setenay Gültekin and Ozgu Hazal Ertaş: transformative possibilities of digital experiential encounters in the public space: The case of Audio Choreography Gazhane XL

Doris Posch: Collective ways of thinking, being and seeing: Imagining possible futures in the arts

Linda Ryan Bengtsson: Constructive resistance: The rural popular culture scene as a counteract to the rural norm

Room A4

Quo Vadis Media Geographies? Taking Stock of the Research Field and Discussing Future Utopia

Chair: Max Kanderske

A panel discussion by: Pablo Abend, Helena Atteneder, Hendrik Bender, Christoph
Borbach, Max Kanderske and Karina Kirsten

15:00-15:30 Coffee
15:30-17:00 Lecture Hall A1
Plenary panel: Futures of Geomedia

Joan Ramon Rodriguez-Amat: Thinking the futures of geomedia from outside

Followed by commentaries on the future of geomedia
by Pablo Abend, Helena Atteneder, and Karina Kirsten

Chair: Karin Fast