Call for papers


Presentations of FinDrones 2020 conference sessions will be selected from submitted abstracts. Abstracts must be sent by 30 September 2020 to Title: “Findrones2020, abstract”. To make an abstract, use the ready-made template Abstract-template_en or Abstraktimalli_fi.

Selected presentations will be given the opportunity to be published as a chapter in a book under the “Springer Remote Sensing/Photogrammetry” book series. The abstracts will be asked to be converted to a full paper (>6 pages) and subsequently peer-reviewed before publishing.

Those interested in contributing towards the proposed book, tentatively titled “Drones in Remote Sensing Applications – Proceedings of FinDrones 2020“, can follow the information provided in these links:

  1. Key style points
  2. Manuscript templates

New Developments and Environmental Applications of Drones

The book highlights recent developments in drone technology by experts, academicians, and entrepreneurs for applications in agriculture, forestry, and other industries. Emphasis is placed on contextualizing the conference presentations and content to Finland and the unique challenges typical to this region. The work will be of interest to academicians and professionals involved in remote sensing applications of unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as enthusiasts of drone technological developments.

More info about the book.