Tampere view
Developing Homelessness Work 2021

Online conference

9-10 November

About the conference

Developing Homelessness Work 2021 (9-10 November 2021) is an online conference made possible by funding from the Finnish Work Environment Fund, the City of Tampere, and the Y-Foundation for the project ‘Collective Professional Agency in Finnish Housing First Work’.

This conference brings together practitioners, scientists, and policymakers from Finland and from other countries to discuss the following key themes for the development of homelessness work:

  1. Working in challenging situations and with diverse groups of clients
  2. Organising low-threshold work activities for and with clients
  3. Community building and ecosystems in homelessness work
  4. Building forward-oriented housing pathways with customers and other actors
  5. Organising mobile multiprofessional support for clients
  6. Toward Housing First 2.0

Scientific committee
Annalisa Sannino, Professor, Tampere University
Yrjö Engeström, Professor Emeritus, University of Helsinki
Esa Jokinen, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher, Tampere University
Kirsi Juhila, Professor, Tampere University
Hannele Kerosuo, Docent, Senior Researcher Associate, Tampere University
Marcus Knutagård, Docent, Associate Professor, Lund University
Jenni Mäki, Researcher, Tampere University
Hanna Toiviainen, Professor, Tampere University
Saija Turunen, PhD, Research Manager, Y-Foundation

Organising committee
Annalisa Sannino, Professor, Tampere University
Esa Jokinen, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher, Tampere University
Joona Moberg, Research Assistant, Tampere University
Sari Timonen, Development Manager, Y-Foundation
Juha Kahila, Lead Coordinator, Y-Foundation
Emma Kärki, Research Assistant, Tampere University