PhD student workshop on Wednesday 11.3.

This specialized workshop for PhD students serves a great opportunity to present work based on own PhD thesis, get comments from colleagues from several universities and create new networks.

A specialized workshop intended for PhD students of political science offers an opportunity to network with colleagues in the same career stage from different universities. The papers presented at the workshop may include research plans for PhD theses, drafts for chapters of the thesis, other research relating to the thesis, or even research proposals for a postdoc project. In addition to other PhD students participating in the workshop, feedback on the presentations will be given by professors Kaisa Herne and Tapio Raunio. The workshop also offers a chance to discuss and contrast the various practices of doctoral studies for political science in Finnish universities. There is an informal session with dinner and drinks after the workshop. The seminar session is scheduled to start at 14 in the City center campus of Tampere University. 

You can submit your paper here